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Liposuction is the surgery which is considered in the cosmetic surgery. It is the treatment which allows you to get rid of the fat deposits from some regions of body.

What is liposuction?


Liposuction is the surgery which is considered in the cosmetic surgery. It is the treatment which allows you to get rid of the fat deposits from some regions of body. Thereare several methods which can be utilized in this surgical treatment. Moreover, the surgeons make sure that the use of the probe is kept right in the body using a small cut. Then the doctor works by breaking the fat cells and removes the fat cells from the targeted area of body. Some of the common areas where the liposuction is done are the cheeks, arms, neck, breasts, chin, hips, knees, buttocks, etc.




There are 4 common ways that the doctor may choose as the type of surgery. TumescentLipo is the most common technique which is used for liposuction surgery. This method has the basic method where the plastic surgeons make the small laceration in the body. They then inject the lidociane and the epinephrine in the cellulite. It results into causing the area to become puffy. This results into the breaking of the fat deposits. It is simpler method than the suction method and it also results into less blood loss.


Another method is the vaser liposuction. It is becoming a popular option for this treatment. In this treatment the ultrasonic sound waves are used which loosens the fat carefully. The tumescent fluid is injected into the body in the method as well. But the ultrasonic probes are used to break the fats cells. Once the fat cells are emulsified they are taken out from the body. Another method is smart laser. This method involves a cut in the body. In this method no fluid or sound is used to break the fat cells but the intensified laser is used. The laser works very precisely in targeting the fat deposits which are not reachable with the normal liposuction.


The water jet liposuction surgery is the method which utilizes the pressurized saline to get rid of the fat cells and the deposits. The water jet loosens the cells and then they are suctioned from the body. In this method there is a little swelling and the discoloration. The cost of the liposuction surgery varies as per the factors. Usually it can cost you $3500 to $9000 for the lipoplasty. The treatment cannot be done on all men and women as it has certain criteria to be fulfilled. The physical and emotional health of the patient is very important. Women who is pregnant or nursing the child cannot go through thus surgery.


Surgery risks


There is certain risk associated with this surgery. There can be adverse effects of the anesthesia given during the treatment. Blood clot, bruising, infection are some of the common risks with this treatment. This is already discussed by the doctors with the patient. There are many doctors providing their services but it is important to find the most appropriate one for you. Find out the skills, experience of the doctor and then select one.


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