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We are a boat transport company specializing in yacht transport, yacht shipping service. Call Now at 800-350-2488 for Free Quote! We have deep experience transporting boats, yachts and heavy equipment.

When you relocate from one region to another, the need arises to move your auto property along with you to your new abode. Your precious and beautiful yacht may be what you wish to move safely to your new region.

The task then would now be who would do a good job in the yacht transport, a service that would bring your yacht down to you just the way it is without any scratch or damage. In your quest to looking for that hauling company, the decision would be the mode of transportation, safety concerns, and security in terms of insurance cover.

Either you go for a marine transport in the event that it is international or by land, all requires the professional hands to handle the process for you. Remember, haulage is a big and serious business and so getting the best service from the serious minded company should be sought for your project.  

Choice of Open or enclosed transportation

When transporting your vehicle, the option of having an enclosed container or an open one would be a choice to make. If you feel giving every care in an enclosure for your treasured yacht, you can go for such with a reliable company. Know that this would not come free. You would have to pay extra more dollars to get this additional facility.

Be mindful of the company’s reputation

If you are going to choose a shipping company to move your priced yacht for you, you should be critical of the company with the good quality equipment available. Regarding the value of your shipment, you should not take anything to chances in this area. The serious-minded company should be contracted for your shipment. See to it that the carriers and their crews are well in touch with present modern realities in the industry. They should be those who abide by the ethics and best practices of the industry.

Ensure you are secured and covered

Here, you want to be mindful of safety and security concerns for your yacht. A proper insurance cover is a requirement you should be serious about. Both of a cargo and liability insurance would be necessary to give you a protection in case any eventuality happens on the way. An over $200,000 cover for cargo and about a $1,000,000 for liabilities is a common provision with many companies in the industry.

Licensing of the company and the crews is also crucial. You should see to it that you are dealing with a well-licensed company and individuals who are qualified on the field.

Lastly and import also is the safety concerns of the hauling company. You should check their past records in this area. The driving record should be checked. Small sized vehicles like boats and yacht wouldn’t have much trouble moving but if you are going to transport something larger, you should be concerned about the safety of the process with the company you are dealing with.

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