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Photo Booth Is More Than Just A Still Camera Booth

Since the times when booth used to came in traditional arcade style to the advanced technology booths, they have always been an important part of every event.  Though the booth culture may have vanished for few years, but it has come back with all the pom-pom in hands. Not only in wedding or get together, they can be witnessed in every other event such as night clubs, trade shows, and corporate functions. The reason behind its such rush in its popularity is that it is really versatile and e...

Feb 12, 18, 2 Weeks Ago Via iPhotoLounge In Arts and Entertainment

Elderly and disabled often find it difficult to lead their life independently. However, some home care products make their life simple and easy to lead a dignified lifestyle. The mobility scooters are surely one of the best vehicle for the elderly or disabled to enjoy the experience of moving on their own. This battery operated vehicle is four wheels and comes in a compact and sturdy model that can support the conveyance for those who find it difficult to walk short distances. This is very much ...

Feb 17, 18, 1 Week Ago Via zacharyaustiny In Health and Fitness

  So, you're already decided to jazz up your wedding reception or corporate party with an image booth and wish to ensure that your guests take the fullest benefit of it? Here are a few insight recommendations on steps to make your photo booth experience a complete hit. Photo booth hire Brisbane 1. Placement. The placement of one's photobooth is incredibly important. Try to set it up in a very visible area near the action. The prefect spot is alongside the bar and/or dance floor. Also...

Feb 24, 18, 1 Day Ago Via ThomasCook In Business

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