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To help the marketers open the mobile publishing market and reach the mobile readers, now PubHTML5 developed a new features for user that they can now publish the interactive magazine as Android App.

02, April 2017: Mobile reading has been popular as digital content are easier to carry. PubHTML5 has already taken this into digital publishing development so that its magazine maker allows users to publish the digital magazine as Android App.

In recent years, PubHTML5 has improved its function to meet the times development. It can help to convert PDF to page flipping magazines with elegant layout and attractive content. Users can customize the layout with professional templates and themes. They can also add the unique logo to brand the magazines.

Considering the marketers’ need to promote the digital magazine, PubHTML5 has explored the following functions: free to publish on PubHTML5 cloud platform; online magazine are mobile friendly; easily to share online magazines on social media; no problem to email page flipping magazines to readers. Now, they can also publish the flipping magazines as Android App, which can help the readers to reach the magazines content easier.

“Android App is a new way for the readers to digest the content. In this way, they can set up the stable readership with mobile readers and conduct mobile reading easier.” Anna Lee, designer of PubHTML5 pointed out, “most of the readers are lazy so that they do not want to do the extra searching work for reading. This new function can meet the readers’ needs and help them to enjoy the page flipping magazines.”

PubHTML5 magazine maker is bound to be popular as it keeps pace with the market and times. The mobile function will be the future direction of PubHTML5 development. For more details about this magazine maker and online publishing platform, please visit http://pubhtml5.com.

About PubHTML5:

PubHTML5 has been developed in digital publishing with the powerful function for all walks of life. Its online platform welcomes all kinds of digital magazines, catalogs, brochures and flyers every day.

For Media Contact:
Contact: pr@pubhtml5.com
Website: http://pubhtml5.com/


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