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Nearer Natures introduces to their online service a fascinating book delving into human ailments which may be improved by nutritional intervention.

London, UK; 02, April 2017: Nearer Natures introduces to their online service a fascinating book delving into human ailments which may be improved by nutritional intervention.

Nutrition plays a critical role in helping you to get the most out of your training, maximise your recovery and deliver your optimum performance. If you find yourself struggling to complete training sessions due to fatigue, suffering repeat infections or recovering from injury, incorporating a holistic approach to optimize your performance, strengthen your immune system and aid recovery could be what you need.

Nearer Nature introduces a collection of concise but detailed information about food, spices and medicinal herbs, their health giving properties, hazards to health and how to counteract ailments naturally.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The body can heal itself naturally and reach its full potential, but only if given the correct nutrition. Herbalism, traditional wisdom with data from scientific studies and contemporary specialist knowledge supports the ethos of nature’s ability to cure through organic and nutritious natural foods. Enable your body to not only prevent but also fight off illness and disease and keep everything in good working order. Take a look at our A-Z guide to human ailments at http://nearernature.co.uk/returntonature.html

The compact natural remedy guidance helps you:
• Cleansing, maintaining and improving the body.
• Naturally elevate your energy levels.
• Learn which medicinal herbs can be used to improve nutrient deficiencies and address particular ailments.
• Understand vitamins and minerals, those that clash and which work in synergy.

If many scientist and herbalists agree that some if not all disease begins in your gut, ask yourself what are the foods you are consuming doing to you? Your body is your environment – Look after it.

For more information go to http://nearernature.co.uk/returntonature.html

About Nearer Nature:

Nearer Nature is a London based online service with organic and all natural body care products and information promoting the concept of beauty starting from the inside. Nearer Nature also sheds light on how to reduce your expose to harmful ingredients in beauty and personal care products for conscious consumers.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Jo Richards
Phone: +44 (0)700 580 3577
Email: press@nearernature.co.uk
Website: http://nearernature.co.uk/


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