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A suit is a different kind of wear compared to other clothes we put on. You will often put on a suit to work or for some occasions. Some people don’t get to put it on quite whereas; some other people would put it on daily either to work or as style in weekly dressing pattern.

How often you would have to dry clean your suit should then depend on the frequency of wearing and the type of material that the suit is made of. It will be helpful to look at each in more detail.

A regular use

If you put on your suit to work on daily basis, it will be required that you dry clean the suit at least once in a month. This is for the reason that the stains and odors may be noticed by this time. You are not bound by this in any way because it also depends on a lot other things.  

An occasional user

If your suit is always hanging there in the wardrobe because you don’t have a need for it except on few occasions, you would need to have your suits dry cleaned at least once a year. Even if the odor and stains are not that visible, dusts forming on it is inevitable if kept for long. This can cause the suit to lose its form if not removed through proper dry cleaning.

Material type can determine the mode of dry cleaning

The type of fabric for a suit would affect both how often you should dry clean the suit and how that should be done also. It is obvious that some fabric would retain stains or make it more visible than others. Take for instance if you are going to be putting on white suit most times, it would be more likely for it to come up with stains than others. While other colors would kind of hide a stain, the white color would reveal it easily. Wool is another material of suit design that can absorb odors easily. You will therefore need to clean this type of material more often than other materials.

What to know on frequency of dry cleaning

Looking clean all the time is good if you decide dry cleaning your suit when needed. But you must know that your suit lifespan can be affected by frequent cleaning. When you clean too often, the suit will tend to start fading over time. You should for this gives reason avoid frequent dry cleaning if you don’t really need cleaning done on your suit. In a situation you use suits quite often, this definitely cannot be avoided. You just have to live with having more suits that would make you avoid frequent cleaning of one.

Well, dry cleaning professionals like cleaners Addison can offer you a suitable cleaning service for your suits. Using professionals for suit dry cleaning is advisable because suits are quite different from other clothing. Dry cleaner University Park is also available to offer services to this type of clothing.

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