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Low testosterone: causes and symptoms

Testosterone level can go down considerably in both men and women for reasons which can be in any of physical, emotional or psychological as the case may be for every individual. It could also be related to aging. This sexual hormone is though more prominent in men but is also available in women reproductive system as it is responsible for reproduction and sexual health of both men and women alike.

If you have a deficiency of this hormone in your system, the regular symptoms that you would most likely have are emotional, stress, undue tiredness, depression and low sexual urge in both men and women. Low testosterone treatment Glendale Arizona is a place to go for your treatment if you can access the locality.

Medical treatment for low testosterone

Several options exist for your testosterone to be back to normal. You should consult your doctor for the right one that would meet your needs appropriately. The treatment is actually not difficult to administer in most cases and have no side effect as such when treatment is administered. Some of the proven means doctors recommend are as follows:

Treatment through pellets

This is done by implanting of a testosterone pellet under the skin. This is an effective approach that releases testosterone evenly in the body. If you are comfortable with incisions then you can opt for this option.

Treatment through injection

This is one of the most used approach as it is a method the doctor can teach you to administer yourself after some time. The testosterone is injected into your body through needles in required amounts at every administration.

Treatment through testosterone cream and gel

This is a simple application that even a child can do. By just applying the cream on a part of the body, testosterone gets absorbed into your skin that way. Quite simple and effective, don’t you think?

You should know that there are highs and lows that usually occur on some of these methods like in the case of using injection and others. Ensure to get in contact with your doctor to get the needed guidance for your treatment during the process.

Supplements as an option

Certain foods and herbs are effective in the treatment of low testosterone. These are packed in supplements that you can administer for testosterone treatment. You can even take the natural food as a means of treatment, though this may not be as effective as the medical applications discussed because it will take a longer time to achieve the same result as above.

In whichever treatment approach you are interested in, it may not be for you to decide but your doctor’s. Proper consultation is required. There is need to get the appropriate examination of your testosterone level before any plan is worked out for you on treatment pattern and method.

You can search for Low Testosterone Supplements Glendale Arizona for your purchase or meet up with a doctor by contacting through the phone.


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you would most likely have are emotional, stress, undue tiredness, depression and low sexual urge in both men and women. Low Testosterone Treatment Glendale Arizona is a place to go for your treatment if you can access the locality. For more informatio please visit at http://protealife.com/


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