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Life is filled with all sorts of challenges. We have to contend with both positive and negative ones. There are times we experience success and many times also come the negatives which often times leave us worried, depressed, stressed and completely taken over. Our emotions and feelings are affected. This eventually takes a toll in our lives causing all manner of health conditions. Sexual health is one of the worst hit in this scenario.

For women, female sexual arousal disorder ensues leaving them further confused as the hormonal changes go in the negative direction. When blood flow to the appropriate area of the vagina is restricted, this condition can come up in women.

Causes of female sexual arousal disorder

As mentioned, causes of this health condition for women can be both physical, emotional or even through the administration of some drugs such as birth control related types which can cause some hormonal changes in the body system. The various causes can therefore, include a whole lot of things such as:

1. Stress and fatigue

2. Relationship traumas resulting from lack of communication

3. Some physical illness like heart related and diabetes can cause sexual arousal disorder as well

4. Emotional issues from lack of intimacy

5. Upbringing on the issue of sex, that is, sex not being good

6. Abuse such as rape, molestation can lead to low sexual arousal on women

We can continue on the list as much as space allows because we may not be able to tie down on one cause for the case of sexual dysfunction for females, it encompasses a whole lot.

If the causes are so much and are about what we can term the common experiences in life, how then can you know if you have female sexual arousal disorder or not?

Symptoms of female arousal disorder

There are ways you can know if you are experiencing this condition already in your life and should start a treatment plan as soon as possible. Some of the symptoms are:

• The common one is reduced libido and low desire for sex.

• Being unable to produce lubrication fluid and hence having pains during intercourse

• Being unable to attain orgasm during sex.

It should be mentioned that for either of cause and symptoms of this condition, it is not sufficient to conclude on your own when one of the causes or symptoms is experienced. You need to always have your doctor check you and to give his recommended on a treatment method. You can meet up with doctors of Female Arousal Disorder Glendale Arizona if you live in or around the neighborhood.

Supplements treatment for female arousal disorder is safer

If using drugs and other medical treatments is good and would help in bringing your condition to normal, it is good to maintain the approach for your treatment even though there might be some other options available. Supplements are found to be helpful for restoring sexual conditions to normal if well planned and administered correctly. Ensure to consult a qualified doctor to guide you through your treatment so the right option suitable for you is followed. Go for Orgasm Treatment Chandler Arizona if you have a specific issue of such.

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