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We are the leader among pool companies in San Diego, a full-service company offering new construction, remodeling, parts, repairs and weekly service for your pool or spa needs.

Swimming pool building in your backyard involves making a significant investment and once you make one, changing any aspect of it that you don’t like entails making an additional investment. So, it’s important to research on everything when it comes to hiring a pool contractor.

This will not only give you information about the contract or’s vision for your pool project, but allow you to assess their abilities. After all, a swimming pool that you want to build will be a part of your life for a long time. Consider asking your preferred swimming pool contractor the questions under the five areas mentioned below:

1. Due diligence on the past work

Check out the 5 most recent pools they have installed and ask them to share the customer references. Ask all the questions you have in your mind, request for a clear timeline for the project and most importantly, ask for customer references. Make sure to have a talk with some of the references provided.

2. Paperwork

Check out if the contractor’s paperwork is in order. Request for copies of the contractor’s license and certificates of insurance. If you have any doubts, contact the appropriate licensing board for verification.

3. Contracts and guarantees

A swimming pool building project involves making a huge investment and thus you must notice whether or not you are okay with the contract for construction. If you don't understand certain parts of the contract, be sure to discuss it with your lawyer. A good contract typically spells out cost, progressive payments, late penalties, and schedule and of course warranties, maintenance and repairs after the pool is completed.

4. Assessing the match

Often, your specific requirement might be still a work in progress for you and thus it’s very important that both the contractor and you are on the same wavelength when it comes to developing this project as per your liking.

Moreover, since this project will take a long time for completion, you will have to have the contractor and his team in or around your house for more than few weeks. So, don’t hesitate to checkout if you gel with the team well.

5. Money matters

What is your policy for taking an initial deposit or money during the installation?

Paying a bulk amount upfront before your pool contractor has completed any work is definitely not a good idea. Instead, a reliable company will typically ask for a small down payment beforehand and then additional disbursements throughout the project based on the work that has been completed.

Doing your homework and taking the initiative for asking the right questions will help you choose the right one among numerous San Diego pool contractors. This is a little investment in terms of your time and efforts that will provide handsome returns over the years to come in terms of enjoyment with your family and a peace of mind.

Don’t miss out to include Del Rancho Pools, a premier pool and spa needs provider amongst San Diego pool companies, in your quest to hire a pool contractor.


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