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Arizona LASIK offers laser vision correction surgery by top LASIK surgeons in the LASIK laser eye surgery field.

Types Of Laser Vision Correction

Vision correction surgery is in widespread use now a day’s .People with weak or poor eyesight that are willing to reduce the dependency on glasses and lenses opt for these types of surgeries.

Modern technology offer several methods of laser in techniques for corrective eye surgery through reshaping eye's cornea, for example, LASIK and PRK to surgical addition of simulated focal points to right visual perception.

In Laser eye surgery procedures such as LASIK and PRK, laser energy helps to reshape the arc of the eye's cornea to change the way light rays are focused to form a image on retina after entering the eye. Artificial lenses can be inserted into the eye to relocate light rays on cornea for developed vision.

Photo Refractive Keratectomy

Photo refractive keratectomy (PRK) is a type of refractive laser eye surgery designated to correct eyesight problems like myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. PRK was used in the first eye vision correction surgery performed the world. Laser-assisted-in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) came later, but both these surgeries are in widespread use today. The operating structure is same for both types of surgeries-just that PRK takes a little longer to heal. In both cases, vision improvement occurs by changing the curvature of cornea to restore the vision.

The corneal epithelium need to remove just before the ablation. The corneal epithelium is the top most layer of eye covering the cornea.

The state of the cornea is changed by utilizing an excimer laser to remove (expel by vaporization) a little measure of tissue from the corneal stroma at the front of the eye, simply under the epithelium.

The epithelium regrows fast in contact with the tear film and can thoroughly supplant itself from youthful microorganisms inside a couple days after the surgery with no damage of clarity. The more significant layers of a cornea, as opposed to the outer epithelium, have been set down in front of timetable in life and have especially confined regenerative cutoff.With PRK, the corneal epithelium is evacuated and disposed of, permitting the cells to recover after the surgery.

After surgery, the patient is given prescription eye drops (antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops) to promote healing and to reduce discomfort after eye surgery.


LASIK surgery occurs in same way as PRK,the only different being –in LASIK the corneal epithelium is sliced horizontal as a hinge-able flap whereas in PRK it is cutoff completely.

LASIK patients experience less discomposure, and it vision stabilize process is more quick. On the other side,PRK is gradual and need more time for the corneal epithelium to grow back for vision improvement.

PRK surgery does not create a corneal flap.Also,PRK is preferable for those people who has very is too thin cornea for LASIK. Also, since there is absence of any flap complications, the risk of removing too much of the cornea with the excimer laser is greatly reduced.


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At Moretsky Cassidy LASIK Laser Vision Correction, skilled LASIK surgeons and doctors provide Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery in Phoenix, Mesa, and Glendale Arizona at very cost effective price.


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