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In a traditional hosting, your website gets hosted on a physical server.

Hosting on the web is now taking a new dimension with the incoming of cloud hosting services. This gives reason why there is the buzz about cloud hosting and cloud computing services all over the place. They offer various services on the cloud. You may be asking what this term actually mean, is it as in a physical cloud?

Cloud hosting as compared with traditional hosting

To fully understand cloud hosting, it will be sufficient to compare the service to that of the traditional hosting that you are used to.

In a traditional hosting, your website gets hosted on a physical server. With this server, you are allocated some amounts of resources which when your website gets to the limit, will start experiencing poor performance like increased loading time and a drag generally. But in a cloud hosting plan, your website gets hosted on a virtual server that pulls resources from a network of servers. That means you don’t get to have a limitation of resources. Your website uses as many resources as it is needed from the number of cloud hosting servers in the network.

In a traditional hosting where if your server experiences some problems and is down, your website also goes down with it. In cloud hosting this does not happen since you are hosting on some network of servers. Even if a server in the network goes down, your hosting switches to another server in the network giving you server availability 24/7 and all year round.

When looking at billing in the traditional hosting package, the service bills you on a payment plan. With this, you pay for your hosting plan monthly or annually whether you utilize all your resources or not. But with cloud hosting, it is mostly pay as you use. You only pay for what you use.

Options in cloud server hosting

One challenge that may come with cloud hosting may be that of security issue if on a public hosting. Hosting multiple websites on the same cloud can at times come with its own risk since you are hosting on a public cloud network and with different groups of clients.

However, cloud hosting has options you can go for when hosting your businesses with service providers. The private cloud hosting option gives you the privilege of having a dedicated cloud for your website. By this, you have a network of physical servers to serve your hosting.

You can also go for a hybrid cloud hosting plan. This gives you the privilege of pulling resources from both the public and private cloud networks.

The benefits of cloud hosting

With cloud hosting, you are sure of availability and uptime always. Cloud hosting provides better efficiency and performance for your web hosting. There is no limit to what you can use for your hosting with a cloud hosting service. In addition, you only pay for what you use from cloud server providers. You can try a cloud hosting package for your business today.


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