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Men who often complain about low energy levels and a fragile penile strength can now rely on the herbal extracts of icariin, Ginseng and cuscuta chinessis brought by Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd.

Xi'an, China; 17, March 2017: There could be many reasons why men suffer from loss of energy and exhaustion and may fail to perform in bed. For all such men, Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd now brings botanical extracts of rare plants that can cure the problem of infertility. These are natural products and are free from any side effect.

According to the company spokesperson, they have several products that promote men’s health. They produce icariin 10%, which is also more commonly known as horny goat weed. The product is extracted from the branches and leaves of the flowering plant that is originally found in the northern and southern parts of China. They supply the plant extracts with up to 98% purity, which makes it a potent solution to overcome the problem of infertility or low sexual vigor. With the regular consumption of this natural product, one can gradually enhance their potential to perform better in bed.

The Ginseng Extract is another reliable product that has been historically known to boost energy levels of men. This rejuvenating herbal product is extracted from the fleshy parts of the roots and leaves of the plant. It is one of the well-known herbal remedies that the mankind has been using for centuries and Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd now supplies the same old-age botanical extract that can invigorate the body and can also help curing several kinds of diseases. It contains saccharides and organic acids naturally that can bring many health benefits.

Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd also supplies cuscuta chinessis extract, which is extracted from cuscuta seeds or dodder seeds of a rootless parasitic plant that is found worldwide. This natural herbal extract serves the purpose of a kidney tonic and has a magical power to cure impotency in men. It can cure several diseases, such as nocturnal emission, kidney deficiency, infertility, lower back pain, visual deterioration, and others. Taking clue from the traditional Chinese medicine, Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd is now offering the cuscuta seed extract for men to boost their manly power.

One can learn more about the botanical extracts that the company is offering by visiting their website http://www.maxingreda.com

About Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd:

Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd is a 15-year-old Professional cGMP manufacturer of organic fungus extract, men’s health ingredients and botanical extracts with warehouse in New Jersey and California.

Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd relies on pure ingredients and the foremost scientific research for manufacturing nutrition products that are truly life enhancing. The company endeavors to improve the quality of life of men and women by manufacturing and supplying great natural solutions all over the world. They offer an opportunity to get the best wellness products in the world for people to make their life the best.

For Media Contact:
Contact: Hebe Che
Company: Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd
Tel: +86 180 9267 0807
Email: info@maxingreda.com
WebSite: http://www.maxingreda.com/


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