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GrowingSmart.HK is raising funds from the crowd to bring back food production and organic urban farming in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong; 14, March 2017: GrowingSmart.HK announced today that they are now at 37% of their funding goal with still about three weeks to go before their campaign ends. They launched their campaign using rewards-based crowdfunding platform SparkRaise to create an organic farming movement in Hong Kong. The company has set out to raise HKD 20000 to boost the creation of a farm in Peng Chau Island. The funds raised will help in acquiring professional farming equipment including solar-pump irrigation systems and further investments in farm infrastructure.


GrowingSmart.HK is a project aimed at raising awareness of organic farming and permaculture in HongKong. Co-founded by a woman who gave up her day job, and assisted by a community of friends and colleagues, GrowingSmart.HK is giving it a shot to bring farming and food production back to HongKong.

Shahara Khaleque, the Co-Founder of GrowingSmart.HK said this in a social enterprise summit where she was a speaker:

“There are some very serious environmental issues facing this beautiful city of Hong Kong today. GrowingSmart, as a social enterprise, hopes to challenge some of the disconnect with nature which is allowing this to happen, through our permaculture-based community education farm… We believe that farming and food is a very direct way to engage people and can have tremendous knock-on effects in terms of interest in the environment and sustainability as a whole. Through our carefully-designed farm, farming workshops and field trips for both children and adults – we genuinely hope to create a hub of pro-active, positive environmentalism in Hong Kong inspiring a profound and long-lasting change.”

In an urban jungle like Hong Kong, food production and regenerative farming are becoming very rare yet remain a critical issue for sustainability. GrowingSmart is bringing farming back to Hong Kong and currently doing it through workshops, company team-building events, school field trips, and volunteer activities in the small island of Peng Chau. They are also building and designing rooftop gardens.

Crowdfunding Perks

Aside from helping GrowingSmart.HK bring food production back to the city, you can get awesome benefits from their perks:

HKD 100 - Packet of Local, Seasonal Organic Seeds
HKD 200 - Packet of Local Seeds + Annual Planting Calendar
HKD 500 - Fresh Veggie Box from First Season’s Harvest
HKD 1500 - Private Rooftop Gardening Workshop for Up to 8 People
HKD 4000 - Team-Building Farm Day for Up to 8 People

Visit the actual GrowingSmart.HK campaign using this link https://goo.gl/LFlBlp

About GrowingSmart:

GrowingSmart is a project aimed at raising awareness of permaculture in Hong Kong through permaculture-based programs, workshops, and volunteer activities. GrowingSmart hopes to awaken, inspire and encourage incremental changes in the normal daily lives of anyone who is interested.

Learn more at http://growingsmart.hk/

For Media Contact:
Tinki Ng, Community Manager at SparkRaise
Email: community@sparkraise.com
Website: https://www.sparkraise.com


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