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We offer best eye brow makeup, natural false, mink individual lashes, permanent lash and temporary eyelash extensions in Columbia SC.

Who They Are

Eyebrow Makeup Summerville SC is a business centered on provision of eye lashes, waxing and threading. The company is located in a serene environment on St. Philips Street. Their cardinal aim is to offer services that delight customers at all times.

This company is run by workers who are certified and properly grounded in the provision of eyelash extensions and eyelashes services. Professionally they also offer facial, spray tanning and body waxing, makeup use and threading. It was a journey that began in September, 2008. The owner is a known affiliate of Xtreme Lashes (TM), the best among the dignified names in the eyelashes extension industry and without any iota of exaggeration, she is the only Renowned Certified Stylist  as far as Eyebrow Makeup Summerville SC  and Eyebrow Tinting Columbia South Carolina is concerned!Their main goal is to unveil the inner beauty each person is endowed with most especially women.

What They Can Do

Their eyelash extensions services remain unparallel and unequal in the annals of South Carolina. Theyoffer the best of temporary eyelashes, semi-permanent eyelashes, Russian volume eyelashes, eyelash tinting, mink eyelashes, lower eyelashes and eyelash perm services/eyelash lift. Eyebrow Makeup Summerville SC services range from eyebrow cleanups to complete Full Eye Brows Service. These will give your eyes adoring and alluring painless shaping and lift.

Why They Stand Out

Eyebrow Makeup Summerville SC  and Eyebrow Tinting Columbia South Carolina is a locally built and  supervised by the owner and her beauty staff who are all well trained, enlightened and educated about the science of  beauty therapy.  All they are known for is to provide their clients with best available services in beauty therapy by offering them an amazing transformation experience that brings their beauty inside out.

Eyebrow Makeup Summerville SC and Eyebrow Tinting Columbia South Carolina is a comfy environment blessed with array of lovely team and astonishing eyelashes. Their staff is reportedly polite, well-informed and also affable. Here they are endowed with wonderful talent and skill to bring out your hidden beauty for the world to admire!

You are in safe hands

It is their utmost desire to bring the beauty in you, thus they place so much concern on the health of natural eyelashes. There have never stuck semi-permanent eyelashes to your skin, because they know that eyelashes stick to the natural skin could result to untoward health problems. They so much place the health of our clients on higher pedestal; and because of this, they only make use of surgically screened adhesive that contains similar constituents used by the plastic surgeons for semi-permanent eyelashes extensions. They are sure of their beauty procedures at Eyebrow Makeup Summerville SC, be rest assured that you are in safest hands.

What They Offer

The beauty therapeutic services are eyelashes, brows, spray tanning, waxing and threading, skin care and makeup. They provide these services Monday through Saturday by appointment only, book with them today and have memorable experience that will last a whole life time!

About the Author

Learn more about Mink Eyelash Extensions Columbia SC and other benefits regarding to our services, you desire to be given more info on Eyebrow Tinting Columbia South Carolina.


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