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Necklace alarms button service for the elderly are telephone based alarm systems that allow the wearer to immediately call for help in the event of an emergency.



A good automatic alarm service is very helpful for an elderly in home. If you look at the stats then you will understand how critical an alarm system be in an elderly’s life. There are variousalarm services to choose from but the pendant alarm might be the most useful and effective alarm service that the Sure Safe offers. Installed with world-class features and facilities the pendant alarm makes sure your loved ones are always safe no matter where they are. The pendant alarm by Sure Safe has lots of other features which will be discussed below.

Two-Way Communication

The best feature of pendant alarm is that it has a two-way communication system. The two-way communication ensures the safety of the elderly if an unwanted event occurs. The stats show that the elderly of age 65 and above tend to fall at home more often and in most cases they require help getting up. Many of them also need instant medical attention and it is always a possibility that there is no one around in your home to help them. With two-way communication, the elder person can easily call for help and avoid any serious injuries.

24/7 Connection

Another amazing feature of pendant alarm is the 24/7 connection, so you get security all day and night.The 24/7 connection helps you prevent any unwanted situation. The SOS button on the pendant alarm instantly connects it with an operator no matter what time of the day or night it is. With its instant help,the elderly in your home can get reliable help as soon as possible. The pendant alarm is easy to use and also very easy to setup, it will be up and running in minutes after you receive it.

Other features

Not just the two-way communication and 24/7 connection, the pendant alarm is filled with lots of other features too. You can use its features not only at home but anywhere like shops, fishing trip, walking etc. the pendant alarm has a GPS tracker installed inside, if an elderly is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease,then this specific item can be very helpful for the elderly. This alarm can be specified as all detection alarm and the study shows if the longer the person stays on the ground, the worse the situation gets. You can prevent all these bad things with just only one thing, the pendant alarm.

Cost of the pendant alarm

When you go online to buy these kinds of pendant alarms you may back down after having a glance at the high prices of these items. But the Sure Safe understands that it is a thing that everyone needs and for that,they have kept its price as low as possible and within everyone’s reach. Comparing to the services that it offers, anyone can easily see that the price for this special product is rather low than it should be. So, to keep your loved ones safe bring a pendant alarm home today.

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