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We have put together an easy to understand review of SureSafe’s 24/7 Connect service to compare with age concern panic button offerings.


Growing old is a tricky situation when a lot of problems crop up in life. Sometimes you can handle them on your own while at other times you need help. There might be times when you worry about pension, care or will and you need help.

There is an ‘Advice Line’ that you can contact from 8am to 7pm round the year that will provide advice to attend to all your problems. A lot of information on this website is provided and a  number is also available to help you to contact.

What Information Does the Website Offer?

This website provides a lot of information on a wide range of topics that might be helpful to people advancing in age. You can browse through the website and get familiar with your rights and some computer courses you can attend to keep yourself occupied. Advice to deal with your financial matters may also be available to you.You can also get advice to take care of your health and well- being so that you come to know whether you might be heading for dementia.

Healthy eating habits will also be available so that you take good care of your health. If you are unable to take care of yourself they will advise about care homes, paying for care or getting help at home. If you like to talk to someone in person you can contact them and book an appointment andvisit them or if you are unable to do so you can invite them to speak to you.

The Benefits of Personal Alarm Service

People who are old and move about on their own can use Personal Alarm Service if they are staying on their own. This service helps senior citizens to live independently secure in the knowledge that help can reach them if something should happen. Family and friends also feel happy when their relatives use personal alarm system.

The Alarm can be used as a pendant round the neck and family or friends can be contacted by pressing a button in the case of an accident. This can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It can also be used on the wrist. In the case of a fall, the button on the pendant has to be pressed to connect with emergency response centre. The operator will know whether he should connect you with emergency services or your chosen contact.

How Auto Dial Panic Alarm Can Help?

There are different alarms that can provide the elderly peace of mind that they have help at hand. The Auto dial alarm costs around pounds 77.95 and is easy to install. It has two pendants and in the event of an emergency the user has to press a button. The button will dial for help and if it is busy the pre-programed second number will dial. The user can have her or his own recorded message for help.

Three numbers can be pre-programmed. The help button can be worn around the neck or the wristband or can be clipped to the clothing. It comes with one remote key fob and one panic button to be worn on the wrist.

An auto dial panic button can provide comfort to the elderly to live independently with help at hand.

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