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DIY Bee Removal Explained: 6 Steps to Follow
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Bees can be a huge problem to the residents if there is a hive in the front or backyard. In some cases, the residents may not be even able to step out of the house. Beehive removal is a process that would be inevitable in such a situation.

Bees can be a huge problem to the residents if there is a hive in the front or backyard. In some cases, the residents may not be even able to step out of the house. Beehive removal is a process that would be inevitable in such a situation. Though bees are meagre insects, they can be very dangerous to those who attack their hives. So there are certain things to keep in mind and certain preparations to make before attempting such a thing.

A. Make sure you don’t have any kinds of allergies

This is something that most people do not care about. It is a fact that many people are allergic towards different kinds of bees and some are allergic to honey as well. No one wants to have an allergic problem after removing the beehive. Hence, it is important to make sure that you study about the type of bee bothering you and your family. Do some research about the allergies that can be caused and then begin the preparation. If you are allergic to the particular kind of bee then it is better to hire a beehive removing professional.

B. Make sureyou have the right kind of gear

Removing a beehive is a process that will certainly provoke the bees. It is certain that they will fight back to survive. So it is important that you are prepared for all kinds of attacks from them. The clothes you wear, the helmet you use, the gloves and even the shoes matter a lot. If the bees are allowed to enter through the clothes then your safety will be compromised. This should never happen. These days all kinds of bee protection gear are available in the market.

C. Proper location is a key factor

The location that you choose to attack from is also very important. Bees need an open direction to make their escape. Also you need to figure out a way to run away if something goes wrong. Preparing for the worst is always helpful. Use a long stick or something of the sort to make the removal. always stay several steps away from the hive.

D. The timing is also very crucial

Nightis thetimewhen the bees are less active and hence it is the ideal time to strike. Take your flashlight and inspect the whole hive before commencing the removal. Make sure that the bee activity is less.

E. Make sure you have all the ingredients

Tools like bug spray, cutting knifes, etc. should be there with you before approaching the hive.

F. Make up your mind and just do it

Once you make all the necessary preparations, you must do it. Once the removal process commences, you must not hesitate.

Beehive removal is something that can be done by almost anybody. But if the proper preparations are not taken then the whole process may turn out to be catastrophic.


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