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The easy way up the Stairs!

Stairway chair lifts are a specialized form of stairlifts designed specifically for the use of people who cannot remain standing for long duration of time or are confined to wheel-chairs. Having elevators installed at homes may be a costly option, and hence chair-lifts are a very good alternative that are cheap and do their job the way it is meant to be done.

What it does is what it Promises

One look at a chair-lift will show that it is built to do exactly what its name implies. Lift a chair across a flight of stairs without causing its occupant any of the hassle attached with going up the stairs. They usually consist of a platform to sit on and across the sides, motorized pulleys run up along the stairs, or under them providing the mechanism to ferry the chair up or down the stairs. A moderate adjustment to this setup by replacing the sitting platform to an armchair lock, will make it good enough to transport an entire wheel-chair up the stairs. It is simply the most convinient mode to go up and down the stairs.

Types of Chair Lifts

Stairway chair lifts come in various sizes and capacities and with various functions, some necessary, others just fancy enough to get the customers interested. Depending on the frame of the user a chair lift is expected to carry, the buyers can modify their configurations to suit their needs.

Why the Interest?

However, as with any invention, commercialization eventually finds its way in. Today, stairway chair lift is not restricted to medical use alone. They have been modified to accomodate an entire couch and take it across floors as needed by the user. What more, you can now get couches with consoles attached to them which again offer a wide range of options and functionality. Some work simply to help the user get off by turning forward, whereas others have wheels beneath them which can be steered using a console. A life of absolute comfort as we may put it!

Need of Healthcare Industry

Despite their huge commercial acceptance and demand, it is the health care industry that makes the most optimum use of stairway chair lift. In terms of the effort put in to go up the stairs, the chairlifts are a welcome relief to hundreds of thousands of handicapped people. More so to those wheel-chair bound people, who could not afford to have a lift installed at their homes, chair-lifts bring the upper levels of the house, well within reach.

It isn't only handicapped people who enjoy the benefit if stairway chairs. Even old people suffering from pain in joints and hips look to stairway chairs as a mode of easy commute within the confines of one's home. At an age where mobility is severely restrained by detoriating physical health, stairway chair lifts are a lifeline of mobility. It brings about a sense of independence and self-sufficience, that would otherwise have been too difficult to achieve.

The Verdict!

Finally, one doesn't have to be old or handicapped to use them. Simply being a comfort loving person is enough. If you are a child, then perhaps running up and down the stairs can wait, since comfort is surely a universally loved trait.

Medical or otherwise, stairway chair lifts are eventually going to find thier way into every home.   

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