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Are you looking to enhance the beauty of your face? You always felt that your nose is not in proportion with other features of your face and you need a nose surgery to add aesthetic value to your face.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Are you looking to enhance the beauty of your face? You always felt that your nose is not in proportion with other features of your face and you need a nose surgery to add aesthetic value to your face. So you have been pondering over the thought of rhinoplasty but you are not sure how successful the surgery will be. That is something very natural. It’s another cosmetic surgery which includes reshaping and retouching of nose. Rhinoplasty can correct everything about nose from angle and size to impaired breathing according to Rhinoplasty Portland surgeons.

How a rhinoplasty is done?

The RhinoplastyPortland Surgeons have given an overview to the potential patients, so that everyone knows what they are going through during the surgery. Although the most of the process is done with local anaesthesia but there is lot of pain involved. Basically, the invisible incisions are made to make changes in the bones and tissues of nose. Sometimes, tissue is removed and sometimes, even cartilages are added as per the requirement of nose shape. The Rhinoplasty Portland OR surgeons share that a splint is very necessary after the surgery to make sure that the new shape and tissues get support when they are healing.

Rhinoplasty: Precautions before and after nose job

Many people who have undergone nose job in Portland, suggests some of the precautions before and after the surgery, so as to get the maximum effect of the rhinoplasty.

A. Nicotine or Smoking can become the hindrance for your healing post-surgery. So if you are a smoker, then make sure that you stop smoking at least two to four weeks before surgery.

B. Never take up any task which induces stress in your mind, because this ultimately builds pressure on your nose, and this can be dangerous at the time of surgery as well as post-surgery.

C. Don’t use medicines like aspirin, VitaminE at least few weeks before the surgery. Again as per the Rhinoplasty Portland surgeons this can be bad for your recovery post-surgery.

When it comes to post rhinoplasty, the patient has to undergo pain and inflammation after the surgery. But there should never any sort of swelling and the pain should reduce after 72 hours of surgery. There are some oral medicines suggested, but many precautions are recommended after surgery. Let’s discuss some of them:-

A. Avoid travelling, especially if the journey involves a rocky path, because this can put strain on your newly shaped nose.

B. Rhinoplasty Portland surgeons suggest that one should avoid any blowing of nose or taking a shower, because again this can have negative effect on the healing post-surgery.

C. There are high chances of permanent discolouration post-surgery, if exposed to sunlight. So Rhinoplasty Portland OR surgeons suggest staying indoors or using sunscreen once the cast is removed.

Final Thoughts

So if you are undergoing rhinoplasty, make sure that you start taking precautions. You can find many good Portland Nose job surgeons who are certified and are an expertise in their field.


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