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For a successful rhinoplasty you have to go to a cosmetic surgeon who is well versed in the matter with a few years of experience. If rhinoplasty is not conducted well it can worsen the facial structure.

Rhinoplasty which is nose-reshaping is performed for cosmetic effect and also functional problems. The nose is in the centre of the face so when there are irregularities in the nose section it can affect your looks, so rhinoplasty is carried out to improve the looks. It is also carried out when there are breathing problems.

For a successful rhinoplasty you have to go to a cosmetic surgeon who is well versed in the matter with a few years of experience. If rhinoplasty is not conducted well it can worsen the facial structure.

How is the Procedure carried out?

The length of the rhinoplasty surgery takes 1- 4 hours depending on the abnormalities that have to be regularized. When a patient books an appointment with a rhinoplasty surgeon he checks the shape and size of the face, nose , lips and if there are any abnormalities of the breathing system that need to be rectified.

Most of the incisions are inside the nose. The cartilage and the bone of the nose are shaped to improve the symmetry, profile and length. Any harmony that is required with the lips and the chin is attended to. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia or conscious sedation. Any additional procedures that are required like augmentation of the chin to complement the rhinoplasty will be taken care of to improve the looks.

The Costs of Rhinoplasty in Denver

The rhinoplasty costs in Denver range from US$2750 – US$11850. The average cost is US$7450. The costsvary, depending on the surgeon and his experience in the field. Thehighest charging surgeon charges US$12000 while the lowest amount charged is US$3000.

After the surgery a small splint is placed over the nose for protection. The splint is removed after seven days but the patients are ready to go to work within 3 – 5 days after the surgery. The patient will have to sleep on the back for a few days to prevent the nose from getting bruised. There might be slight bruising around the eyes if the nose had to be straightened which is expected to pass after 2 weeks. No sutures have to be removed as they dissolve on their own.

After Effects of Rhinoplasty

Many times the patients areleft with defects after the surgery which has to be rectified. The patient has to undergo surgery again to correct the defects. Sometimes it is cosmeticdefects or breathing problems. Actually it is essential for the surgeon to inform the patient about the after effects of surgery so the patient can decide if he or she wantsto undergo rhinoplasty.

When a patient has to undergo revision rhinoplasty the surgeon has to provide additional shape and structure to the nose using the cartilage of the nose, ear or ribs. Sometimes the surgeon may be forced to use a synthetic implant which is biocompatible. Rhinoplasty is carried out in various ways but most often the incisions are in the close so they cannot be seen.

So if you feel like going for rhinoplasty Denver in Colorado is the best place.


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