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We provide the high quality professional paint correction products at Carcareireland.ie to remove.

Car valeting provides you with the means to restore your car to a better than new look. It involves cleaning the engine, carpet and mats, the glass, plastic and vinyl in the interior, removal of stains and odours.

The range of premium quality, reliable and highly reputed world class equipment, products and supplies will give your car the sought after gloss that will make your car look better than new. Available at affordable prices, these quality products will enhance your vehicles appearance and value giving it a show room look.

Valeting Products

The car valeting starter pack will equip you begin your valeting business. This pack contains the following cleaning products in 5 litres: carpet clean plus, Special – S, fast wax polish, diamond shine, pink sheen, cherry active shampoo, alloy wheel cleaner acid, speedy wax, tyre magic, tar and glue remover, clear glass cleaner. In addition, the pack contains 2 upholstery brushes, 1 litre leather cleaner and conditioner, 1 litre CarTec compound, 1 set compound mop (orange, white and black), 2 inch paint brush, 20 litre T.F.R. Gold, 1 box disposal nitrile gloves (1x100), 10 kg bale cotton cloths, 1 pack (of 250) paper floor mats, microfibre cloth (40x60x6), micro waffle chamois (40x60x2), 6 jumbo sponge, 2 upholstery sponge, 2 cellulose polishing sponge, 1 hand car wash mitt, 8 spray bottles, 2 squeezable polish bottles, TFR pump sprayer bottle, 1 x100 roll of seat covers, 1 alloy wheel brush, 3 magic sponge, 2 tar removal sponge, 1 entry level wash brush, 1 hair removal brush, 1 x 500ml Satin Black Paint Aerosol 2 x 500ml silver wheel paint aerosol, 2 razor blade scraper, 100 quality razor blades x 1, 2 applicator pads and glass microfibre cloth (40x40x3).

Car Cleaning Products

The affordable range of car cleaning products is available in three categories.

Buffers like the Wϋrth Machine Polishing PM 250-E and standard refining pads are car polishing agents.

The IPC Elite is a power washing product that is the most popular choice of valeters. The brass head inter crank type is a low noise high efficiency motor endowed with low working temperature, ceramic pistols suction ability and durability. It is a high pressure 1400 RPM heavy duty electronic motor designed for uninterrupted use.

Shampoos and vacuum cleaners are available in the Ghibli range of products such as Ghibli AS 400, Ghibli AS Industrial Twin Motor, Ghibli AS27P wet and dry. The High quality Crevice Tool 32 MM, the High Quality Crevice Tool 51MM, M26 Industrial Spray Extractor Machine and standard crevice tool 32MM are also available at affordable prices.

Car Cleaning Supplies

Bottles and sprayers are indispensable cleaning supplies. They are available in a variety of sizes and for various uses. Buckets are necessary to hold especially water for ease of cleaning. Brushes are available, each tailor made for different parts of the car. The microfibre and chamois complement each other in gentle rubbing and drying the vehicle. The sponges and mitts are specifically designed as applicators while Auto Fresh will eliminate paint odours, restoring freshness.

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Looking for Car Valeting Equipment Ireland? We have a wide selection of car valeting equipment, products & supplies at reasonable prices to meet car need. Get that perfect showroom look right in your backyard with our equipment range. Follow this link http://www.carcareireland.ie/ to get more info about our services.



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