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Car Care Ireland offers car polish, car wash, car cleaning products & supplies, car detailing , silicone free cleaning products, truck wash supplies and many more.


Are you a car owner? And are you looking for some of the best car products like Car Detailing products Ireland is selling or car cleaning products Ireland is famous for? The very famous Mike Schultz told once, “ Treat the surface of your car like your own face”. This simply means that one should never compromise in one of the most expensive asset one possess as keep it clean as one's own body. If you want your car to stay longest with you and work best even after being a machine then you should start following the tips to clean and detail your car with silicon free cleaning products. Although with advancing technology both the inbuilt features and car cleaning products have received over time which are making lives easier of car enthusiasts but still if one wants to keep his car in best possible position, then there has to be set of tricks one must follow. The auto paint available is more durable than what people used to use in past. With more and more car detailing products Ireland is selling the people have been asking for more better designs. If you plan to do some DIY detailing with or without the help of professional detailer, you should be aware of these tips. The procedure always begins with the unpainted surface of your cars and necessary to let the process go smoothly when you are doing detailing at home.

Tips to do car detailing at Home

There are many times when you try something for first time and it turns bad for example if scratch goes in the paint down to the metal then if you are not a pro you have to do it by sanding and filling whereas a pro could have done it by mixing with the colours around.

1.Start with interior and exterior of your Car- Once you have the car cleaning products Ireland is selling and car detailing products Ireland is famous for, don't rush into cleaning your whole car at once instead go slow and clean interior and exterior on one weekend and then plan to switch to the next parts.

2.Tyre cleaning nom-acid based products- If you are not an expert then don't use acid based or acid mixed products like the pros because thi can spoil the alloy and make them weak..it can even create damage to the specially painted alloys of wheels. Therefore when you order car cleaning products Ireland manufactured make sure you know the components.

3.Polishing to smooth Out paints- Have a car detailing product with wax and use a polishing oscillator to smoothen the surface and paint because rotator is difficult to use if you are going to do it on your own.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to detailing and cleaning of your newly bought car at your place with silicon free car cleaning products then follow these tips to get the better results.

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