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Car Care Ireland offers car polish, car wash, car cleaning products & supplies, car detailing , silicone free cleaning products, truck wash supplies and many more.

Cars are no longer a luxury but necessary machines that enable us access important clients and locations faster. A vehicle costs money to acquire. Car care therefore is imperative if you do not want your car to lose value.  A well maintained vehicle will get you to your dream date, important client or desired investor in time. Professional car detailing services have all you need to ensure your car is in perfect condition to get you to that important function without a hitch and create the right impression for you to clinch that coveted deal. The expert detailers have all the essential supplies that enhance that quality finish to your car, envied only by show rooms. Car detailing services is a one stop shop for all your car care requisites. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Machine Polishing

Car polishing is a delicate matter therefore requires the right products for best results. Polishing is done using compounding agents that level out your car so that you get this smooth feel when you you’re your hand over it. Worth polishing machine PM 250-E has in-built specifications such as a variable speed range that is comfortable to work with, electronic speed control for constancy and a gentle start and restart in case of power interruption.

Standard refining pads are foam polishing pads, gentle on your car. The standard polishing /compound mophead colours are orange firm, white medium and black soft.

Car Paint Restoration

Paint correction is necessary to restore your vehicle’s appearance. For fast removal of scratches, orange peel, runners and over spray, Refinish Compound 4800 is ideal. Special S and Carpet clean plus are products designed to restore colour and are suitable for carpet and interior cleaning. Tar and Glue Remover eliminates tar and glue from painted surfaces and clears carpets and upholstery stains.

Eco friendly TFR Gold is ideal for coach and truck operator cleaning. For added shine and colour restoration New Horizon Concept is ideal. Use Auto Fresh air freshener to remove the bad paint odours.

Machine Paint Protection

Regular waxing ensures your car maintains its gloss. Wax Guard is designed to protect your car’s paintworks even in extreme weather conditions. It adds deep shine to your car’s paint.

Ideal for your car paint protection needs, the Zirconite paint protection set has the best locked-in protection gloss suitable for the modern look paint finish for your car. Zirconite paint protection can withstand extreme hot and dry conditions. This special offer set contains the shampoo, conserver, an applicator, cap, polishing cloths and instruction leaflet.

For complete cleaning including leather and upholstery and trim protection use the Zirconite leather protection set. This set contains leather cream, leather foam cleaner, microfibre cloth, instruction leaflet.

Additional machine paint protection includes the extra large microfibre drying towel. This super absorbent towel is ideal because it is gentle, leaves no scratches and does not affect the paintwork. It is easy to maintain because it can be machine washed.

The rain repellent is ideal for your windscreen. It enhances visibility.

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