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Eco Molding Co., Limited is a company that is based in China and is involved in the business of offering plastic injection molding services. They cater to customers from China and around the planet.

02, March 2017: Molding is one of the techniques that is widely used across different industries to produce some great products. They not only help in easier production of the specific set of products but offers immense opportunities to experiment and offer solutions. There are several companies from China who are offering advanced molding services and many of them are equipped with world class technology. One company that has its manufacturing facility in China and is capable of producing some exceptional plastic injection molds is Eco Molding Co., Limited. The company has its own manufacturing unit that is spread over 2000 sq. mt. and employs over 100 employees. Moreover, they have some of the best in class technology when it comes to manufacturing standards and capabilities.

Ecomolding specializes in offering plastic injection molding service that are specific to automotive, electronics, and home appliances. Additionally, it has all the capabilities of meeting the needs of different OEM applications. Over the last 15 years the company has grown manifolds and today its assets touch a value of over 8 million RMB. The facilities as well as the experts that the company has are capable of producing over 40 to 50 sets of molds each month.

They have grown and are listed as a popular Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturer from China. The experts in the company are trained and equipped with the latest technologies as well as procedures. Their key priority is to keep the layout at the top level and introduce modernized management systems. Overall the entire effort is to produce high quality products and adopt the latest techniques in the best possible standards. The equipment used by the company for producing these moulds have been imported from Taiwan and Switzerland.

Speaking about the capabilities, the entire machineries give them the Mold Making Advantage. The in-house production unit has over 21 sets of million machines, 4 sets of CNC machines, 9 sets of Charmilles EDM, 4 sets of Lathes, 20 Injection Machines and Video Management System. Besides the above machines and technogies the company has been including several other advanced systems to have top notch products for customers from across the globe. To know more about their product or to place an order, customers can check out their website. The website offers in-depth detailing for each of the services they are offering.

About Eco Molding Co., Limited:

Eco Molding Co., Limited is a Chinese based manufacturing company that is involved in production of different types of injection plastic molds. They have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit spread over 2000 square feet in China. Presently, their products are being exported to several other countries in different continents. For more details, customers can visit their website.

For Media Contact:
Company: Eco Molding Co., Limited
Phone: 0086-(0)755 3318 3226
Fax: 0086-(0)755 2975 2893
Email: sales@injectionmold.cn
Skype: Jackielau0109
Website: http://www.ecomolding.com/


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