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Zofran is a widely prescribed drug used as an anti-vomiting drug. It belongs to the Ondansetron drug group.

Zofran is a widely prescribed drug used as an anti-vomiting drug. It belongs to the Ondansetron drug group. The main function of Zofran is to stop the impact of the chemical agents in our bodies responsible for causing vomit and nausea. It is a popular drug for the treatment of cancer. During chemotherapy, Zofran is prescribed to stop vomiting. It is also prescribed for the patients who have undergone surgeries to remove the feeling of nausea.

But Glaxo Smith Cline(GSK), a drug manufacturing company, introduced this drug for a completely different segment of market. They marketed this drug for pregnant mothers. Since almost 80% women suffer from nausea and vomiting, the drug became an instant hit. But Zofran had a fatal side effect as it caused birth defect. As a result, many children were born with birth defects and malformation due to the use of this drug. More than 100 cases have been filed so far against the manufacturers. Consequently, Zofran lost its patent and drug makers are still fighting to settle the cases charged against them.

  • Factors in settling Zofran lawsuits

Every single case was filed for a single problem which is the birth defectiveness of children. Although the cases are quite identical in nature, the settlement process and the amount for settlement will vary. The whole settlement process will be dependent on the jury board and how Zofran affected the victims. In order to integrate the whole process, the jury board takes a small project named “Bellwether” at first. In this project, a small proportion of plaintiffs will get the opportunities to put their cases in motion. The settlement procedures of these cases will be used as a yardstick in the future. In every cases, the jury board will have to emphasize on certain issues. Negotiations and settlement will be dictated by these issues largely. The issues are:

  1. How long did a child suffer from Zofran birth defect?
  2. What sorts of treatment were required for it?
  3. What was the physical and mental impact of the birth defect?
  4. How will this birth defect impact the future of the child.

With all these issues in mind, parents can take legal actions in the court.

  • Find out if your child qualifies for a Zofran birth defect settlement

Many law firms have stepped up and extended their hands to help the victims of Zofran and their parents. The attorneys will gladly serve the victims as consultants and advisers. All a plaintiff requires is to contact the attorneys and let them evaluate.

  • What the jury said about lawsuits

Till now, the jury board has been very supportive. In June 2015, the family of a 12-year old victim of Zofran birth defects was awarded $15 million as compensation. Moreover, GSK had to pay in total of 3 billion for different charges including the charges for Zofran.

So, it is high time for the victims to raise their voices for justice against the alleged crime committed by the manufacturers.

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