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Invokana is a drug that helps decline the blood sugar level in one’s body and it belongs to the drug class Canagliflozin.

Invokana is a drug that helps decline the blood sugar level in one’s body and it belongs to the drug class Canagliflozin. It is a drug that is administrated to the type 2 diabetes patients. Though it is very handy for controlling the blood sugar, it has some severe side effects. Patients administrated to these drugs often suffer from various health problems, including kidney failure, stroke, ketoacidosis and heart attack. Many of the patients who took this medicine and suffered from health complications claimed that they weren’t aware of these fatal side effects. As a result, thousands of cases were filed in order to sue the manufacturers and distributors of the drug.

  1. What Invokana commercials don’t tell us

The FDA published a report on May, 2015 that spread a sheer horror among the diabetic patients,especially to those who were suffering from type 2 diabetes. The report stated that various medicines including Invokana and those of the same genre work as a catalyst for ketoacidosis. They advised the patients to be aware of the symptoms like

  • Excessive thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Improper breathing

This report put a horrible impact on the diabetic patients as a vast majority of them were administrated with Invokana but they didn’t know anything about it because there was nothing stated in the drug commercials.

  1. After the FDA intervention

Since the FDA’s report put light on the concerning side effects of Invokana, the manufacturers have been in a terrific pressure. On December 2015, the FDA issued a new warning with proper description of possible side effects. The FDA also asked patients to be cautious about urinary tract infection due to the use of Invokana which may lead to total kidney failure. Despite all these efforts, the manufacturer couldn’t put the heat off. Many people started to take legal actions against the manufacturers, accusing them for misleading them and providing manipulated information.

  1. Evidencesof kidney damage are still emerging

Quarter Watch, the organization responsible for reviewing the FDA report, came up with a horrible story. According to its report, there were 54 patients who suffered from total kidney dysfunction. Moreover, 11 more patients suffered from health complications due to kidney stone and another 50 had urinary tract infection.

  1. Contact attorneys

After all the harm that the manufacturers of Invokana have done to the innocent patients, law firms have come forward to help the victims get justice. The attorneys of law firms would be very happy to provide consultations about the legal procedure of the case. They will also resolve all the queries and confusions that you have in your mind. Moreover, all these services will be providedwithout any charges.

Finally, what the manufacturers of Invokana have done is a heinous act to do. They have violated our civil rights as well as our consumer rights. So, they must be brought under proper jurisdiction.

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Are you affected by the side effects of Invokana Claim ? Drugsclaim Invokana Lawsuits commercial attorney & invokana lawsuit settlement to file a complaint against Invokana.


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