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We can guarantee your child will have FUN and the skills they gain in this short amount of time will ensure you will want them to stay.


Many classes are offered here and it is popularly known as the fighting club. It is not for the faint hearted as there is a large number of students and there are competitive interests encouraged by the instructors for faster learning and resilience. There is little emphasis on character development and conflict resolution, however much emphasis is placed on physical fitness and prowess and self-defense.

Karate lessons are allocated several hours a week. There is guaranteed guidance from well remunerated expert instructors.There are online sites with information on booking, videos and class schedules in the fighting club.

Various classes offered include:

How to use gym facilities.
MuayThai, BJJ
Karate for children
Karate for adults
Classes on fitness

How to become a member.

Memberships are tailored according to aa leaner's needs and lifestyle.

However memberships are handled by special consulting individuals.

Recent developments

The fight club curriculum is being revised every now and then to improve its platform to meet the needs of residents.

The following are the recent developments to name but a few:

The number of classes for Karate classes has been upped to a record seventy classes per week to meet the demands of the populace.
More classes for the BJJ students and 2 new Gi classes have been included in the timetables to accommodate a large influx of martial arts students one evening a week.

Wrestling (free style) is now being taught biweekly in the evenings

Prolonged and intense Karate lessons during weekdays increase student exposure and lesson frequency. Additionally, there are some lunch hour classes being taught biweekly.

Classes for beginners through all levels

Most classes are designed for students with little to no experience in martial arts. These are the majority of clients who pursue martial arts at Melbourne. Many complete their levels and become experts in the various styles of martial arts. This gives them an opportunity to become employed in the fighting club as instructors.

They have a grand opportunity to slowly learn the fundamental techniques of martial arts to ensure they build a strong foundation that will help them add on more skills at subsequent levels.

Those who instruct always endeavor to arrange for classes as per to the achievements of the learners. This is fair enough to all students, as beginners are not left lagging behind in their quest to become experienced martial artists.

Classes offered for intermediate students

They are meant for students who had been trained for a considerable amount of time but dropped out due to one reason or another and now would wish to continue and complete fighting classes. This could be in part due to a change in their schedule or lack of fees thereof.

There's a competitive environment for applying the skills learnt previously as well as sparring lightly like in boxing.


Successful completion is possible and achievers can become instructors

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Liberte Karate is a Leading karate school for martial arts in Deer Park, Australia. We can guarantee your child will have FUN and the Burnside Martial Arts they gain in this short amount of time will ensure you will want them to stay.


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