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You are going to be working closely with your boss, so it is one of the people to invest time in building a good relationship with.

27, February 2017: You are going to be working closely with your boss, so it is one of the people to invest time in building a good relationship with. Getting on with them could help with moving forward in the future in terms of a potential promotion and it is key to job satisfaction. Starting a new job with these principles in mind, can help to get you off on the right foot and instil some ideals to building relationships with others as well.

Communication the bosses way

It is better to be aware of how your boss prefers to communicate with you and uphold that. Some managers may wish to be informed of everything you do every step of the way whereas others may need to brief/debrief each project, just have a catch up each morning/evening or start/end of the week. Second to this, your boss may prefer communication via email, face to face or telephone so if it doesn’t bother you, communicate in the way your boss prefers to make them happy.

Learn from your boss

If you are new to the role and company, it is important that you sit back and take everything in for the first few weeks and months and avoid being too vocal and opinionated. Learn what the company culture is and how people deal with each other so you can fit in rather than dealing with situations in the incorrect way and upsetting your boss and others.

Be great

Your boss will respect you and love what you do if you put in maximum effort and do great work. You do not want your manager to see you sitting back and taking things in your stride instead of knuckling down. This is a fairly obvious point but one that must never be forgotten.

Be professional

Being professional in a number of ways is important and gains respect from your boss. It is important to act professionally in the workplace avoiding any negative, discriminatory, distasteful or rude vocabulary and manners. Your work attire may also create issues so remember to dress professionally at work so as not to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. For example, for a woman, it is important to wear sensible shoes, avoid low cut tops and skirts that are too short.

Inform your boss

This point relates to communication but in a different way. If you are not going to be in work, make sure you let your boss know before the day starts. If you need to have holiday, book this in (in advance!) If you have a query about a task or project, speak to your boss to avoid any misunderstanding. If a member of staff has offended you or upset you, speak to your boss. Communication is key, whatever it may be.

Do what you can to build your relationship with your boss. It is best to work together and be on the same side so motivations and productivity are the highest they can be.

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