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Liberte Karate is a Leading karate school in Deer Park, Australia.

Exercising is good way for both adult and children to learn some body fitness techniques. Children in particular love to e outdoors and like running, playing with objects and would generally cherish everything that would make them happy and socialize. The martial sports have grown in popularity as means for kids to get some exercises and also to improve their mental, physical and social development. In the group of these martial arts are taekwondo and karate from the Japanese region.

Many parents have the view that karate and taekwondo are sports that influence violence in kids since it has to do with a form of fighting. But this is not the case at all from what many other parents have got to say about the duo of karate and taekwondo. It may appear to be a fight but looking closely, it goes with a lot of coordination and principles that would make participant not really feel they are in a fight but following a structured routine that must be mastered. In actual fact, they have a lot of positives they add to kids. In this article, we’ll examine some of the benefits your kids can derive from engaging in both martial art sports.

About taekwondo as a martial art

Taekwondo, also known as “the way of the foot and fist” is a martial art that comes from japan. It is a sport that uses fast punches and hit kicks in a standing position. The art has grown in popularity over years for some decades now which have earned it a place in the Olympics as a combat sport.

About karate as martial art

Karate is a similar martial art to taekwondo but uses more parts of the body such as the feet, fist, elbow and knee. This employs many more techniques in the combat. It takes fast moves and strikes at positions to win points in the fighting process.

Rules guide the art

Every martial art sport is guided by rules to show has to follow a laid down pattern. The rules guide the mode of the kick or punches. Kicking below the belt and giving a hit at a dangerous area are often not allowed. The importance of self-control and guiding against hanger is also checked by the practice. Hillside taekwondo classes are one you would want to observe to see how the rules are followed and perhaps would want to enroll your kids to join too.

 Benefits of karate for kids

The benefits of karate and taekwondo for kids cover areas such as respect, balance, self-control, concentration, mental alertness and finally exercise and social enhancement.

If you’ve visited classes of Hillside Primary School during training, you’ll see that greeting and showing respect to your opponent by bowing is the starting line for every combat engagement. The standing and ready positions shows the need for balance. A combat usually starts with good attention and focus which is required for concentration. Kids relate with one another and therefore improve their social behavior.

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Liberte Karate is a Leading karate school in Burnside, Australia. We can guarantee your child will have FUN and Hillside Taekwondo the skills they gain in this short amount of time will ensure you will want them to stay.


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