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More and more people are using air purifiers in their homes. Make sure to check the functions of the different air purifier brands before choosing the right one for your home.

Today, it doesn’t matter where you are, air pollution affects your health everywhere. Whether you are at home or at the workplace, air pollution has become a menace that you cannot ignore. There are many other factors besides pollution that can change your air’s composition and cause harm to you and your family. This is why more and more people are choosing the best air purifier brands to protect themselves. These systems can also make life easier for those suffering from allergies and asthma.


An air purifier can perform a single or multiple functions. Depending on the kind of air purifier you choose, these systems can provide a wide range of benefits as pointed out in this guide.


1. Adsorbing Contaminants from Air

The most common function of typical air purifier brands is to adsorb and remove air contaminants. Usually, activated carbon is used for trapping the contaminant molecules from air. This function is usually part of the process in filter-type air purifiers for providing cleaner air in homes and offices. The type of filter used in such purifiers needs replacement from time to time.


2. Ionized Purification

If you are considering to buy air purifier online, make sure it has ionized purification function too. It works by ionizing atoms by corona discharge. It is designed to remove charged particles or ions from the air. There are two ways this system can work:


  • Creating an electric field to attract charged particles to collection plates for removal
  • Releasing ions to attach and neutralize airborne ions


These air purifiers have an intake fan for distributing air. It is recommended to choose an air purifier that also supports this function along with removal of contaminants from air.


3. Removing Harmful Germs from Air

It is not just the air pollution that can harm your family, the air can also have harmful germs that can cause serious illnesses or aggravate existing health conditions. It is recommended to choose air purifier brands that also support this function. There are three commonly used systems for eliminating harmful germs in the air:


  • Thermodynamic Sterilization System: This system uses a heating element for sterilizing the air by heating it to high temperatures. It is expected that it can incinerate up to 99.9% of the harmful air particulate. It will then cool the cleaner air before it is re-transmitted.
  • UV Germicidal Irradiation: This system makes use of ultraviolet rays for sterilizing the air. You can buy air purifier online that can also have this functionality. The system uses an intake fan for pulling in air. The air is then blasted with UV rays to destroy any germs before passing it out.
  • Ozone Treatment: This type of air purifiers are mostly used in industrial settings. Professional cleaning services also use ozone treatment to destroy mold and odor from homes. These systems work by converting oxygen into ozone, which then sterilizes air. Ozone is then converted back into oxygen.


These are the 3 main benefits or important functions of air purifiers. It is recommended to choose a system that targets all the different types of contaminants to keep you and your family safe. You should expect higher air purifier prices for systems that use multiple purification mechanisms.


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