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Bent Kettle Brewing delighted the fans of their craft beer by opening their own taproom in downtown Fort Atkinson on Thursday; at 10 South Water Street West.

Bent Kettle Brewing delighted the fans of their craft beer by opening their own taproom in downtown Fort Atkinson on Thursday; at 10 South Water Street West.

Bent Kettle’s tap room has 10 tap lines open with five original brews like its double IPA Insolence, an experimental beer or two and guest brews. What's unusual about the set up is that Bent Kettle produces its beer at House of Brews in Madison and not on-site.

The Bent Kettle microbrewery tap room is open from 5 to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Co-owner James Jorgenson said he and co-owner and brew master Mark Cook were looking for a building for a brewery when they found the 131-year-old storefront most recently used for a bar. They've developed a food menu for the location. A great menu has been put together by Chef Larry Gerber. There will be a wide selection of Jones Dairy Farm products, and nearly all of the ingredients in the food are locally sourced.

The location came with a billiards room and poker room. The taproom also features TVs, free wi-fi, a game room, and pool table. There’s also room for private parties and catering packages on offer.

A taproom, where only beer is sold, is a great way for a microbrewery to distribute their craft beers and meet directly with the public for instant quality feedback

Patrons of the Bent Kettle taproom can enjoy Insolence - the flagship brew of Bent Kettle Brewing – as well as the other popular craft beers Bent Kettle makes. There are even some experimental batches waiting to be tried. The company welcomes all taste testing feedback on their craft beers; whether positive or negative. There are also non-alcoholic drinks available for those choosing to abstain (AKA designated drivers).

Jim Jorgenson – the co-founder of Bent Kettle Brewing – issued a statement about the taproom. He said that things were hectic for the company recently, and thanked everyone for their support. He also affirmed the company’s goal to offer only the best beers and the best possible experience for their patrons.

The brew master of Bent Kettle, Mark Cook, reported that the company is just about ready to release their new Vanilla Bean Porter and the latest batch of coconut porter K’Paui. The drinks will be offered in 22oz bomber bottles to provide a better look at the demand between the established accounts and the taproom.

Also on tap is the Velvet Lips New England style double IPA! This drink contains 8% ABV and 100IBUs. This IPA has a solid juicy feel thanks to the Cascade, Citra, and Mosaic hops. If you like it then tell them that it should be in our regular lineup.

The Bent Kettle beers will be served alongside a complementary selection of other beers provided by different craft brewers. Give their regular craft beers a try, or go for something a little more experimental. If you’re looking for a taste test then you’re more than welcome to come in and give “4 a Go” at once. This is their four-pack sampler.

One of the major driving forces of the craft beer movement is the innovation and rising popularity of the tap room. A microbrewery tap room has become the hottest business model for the brewing industry. The innovation isn’t limited to just beer, but also extends to the business as a whole. Beer lovers across America have been energized by new distribution methods, new ways to interact with customers, new marketing methods, and more.

Bent Kettle Brewing is riding the momentum experienced by microbreweries and there’s a good reason for that. It’s not just because tap rooms have become more popular with the Wisconsin locals, but also because Bent Kettle offer a fine example of the excellent of craft beers!

About Bent Kettle Brewing:

"Bent" describes their craft beer recipes: non-conformist, irreverent, experimental and artisan; using non-traditional ingredients in traditional beers while following traditional craft beer guidelines to ensure safety and quality in our brews. Their new chocolate coconut craft brew K'Paui shows they are living up to their company vision of bringing unique flavors of great tasting craft beer to the world.

For Media Contact:
Company: Bent Kettle Brewing
Contact: Mark Cook
Phone: (920) 390-9038
Email: info@bentkettle.com
Website: http://bentkettle.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BentKettleBrewing


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