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Get the Best MMA Fight Training
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If you want to join a workout program that will get every muscle into action then MMA fight training is the workout for you. In just one session every muscle is brought into play.

If you want to join a workout program that will get every muscle into action then MMA fight training is the workout for you. In just one session every muscle is brought into play. This training is well planned so that your body builds the strength as well as the endurance to develop physically and mentally to fight. Without mental toughness it is difficult to be a winner in a brutal fight.

How is the Workout Session Planned?  

The workout session begins with a warmup. This is followed by a workout at the station which leads to a set of moves for grip strength. The station workoutsare made up of five stations each of which consists of a number of exercises which are performed in a sequence.  At every station you can repeat as many times as you like within five minutes. You can take a break of 60 seconds before you move to the next station. At this station you will be able to repeat three times so that you finish 15 stations.

Each station workout is featured for 5 minutes with a fight involving 5 rounds. The warmup begins with sprints which help in raising the heart rate and involving the fibres of the muscles which are used for explosive movements.

Exercises at Station Workouts

The first station workouts are planned to prepare the upper part of the body to build strength and endurance by using push- ups for the chest and arms. To continue building endurance jumping jacks are performed, which are followed by bench dips for the back and triceps. The whole exercise session is repeated for five minutes before proceeding to the next. A break of 60 seconds should be taken between each station.

In the second station the body is being programmed to resist fatigue and to work under severe exertion. The session starts with bag burpee which is heavy and which helps the body to gain the power and strength to help in lifting and takedowns. This is followed by a 25 pound dumbbell press and clean, which is succeededby burpees using 15 pound dumbbells and finally using burpees with the weight of his body.

What are the Requirements for a MMA Fighter?

A MMA fighter should have the strength to be superior to the opponent. He should be able to hit powerful punches and take the impact. Kicks can follow but he should be in control of applying force when necessary. He or she should be fast and powerful with enough endurance to carry on a high level fight for 5 minutes. The training program should be well designed to help the fighter go into a fight with all the qualities mentioned above.

This is the advantage of conditioned training for fighter sports which require strength and endurance. When a fighter is being trained the first few sessions involve building up his strength.  The following sessions are power building where his endurance is tested.

If you are deciding to join combat sports these are the different training stages that you have to go through to succeed.


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