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TJ Rutledge Construction Pty Ltd is your leading timber deck and stair builders in Bulimba, Morningside, Brisbane, providing the highest quality construction services for your home.

All houses need to be renovated some years after construction. Renovations are major or sometimes minor repair works on a house to seal cracks, broken or uneven floors, replace a worn out roof and rafters and repainting. Renovations are necessary to enhance the strength of the building and restore a new look.

Renowned for standard and quality work, we are all you need for your renovation works. We are available to respond to all your questions on renovation and offer advice you can depend on. Our team of experts will restore your house to its glory.

Our team of professionals is always ready to serve and advice you.

Home Renovations

When buildings stay, they age and may start leaking and producing an unwelcome odor. The major objective of professional renovation is to repair, restore and ultimately increase the value of a building.Our reputed professional staff has the knowledge, skills, experience and equipment to handle all your home renovation needs. Years of experience have sharpened their know-how and exposed them to a variety of renovation works. No house renovation task therefore can be difficult for them. We are attentive to detail and can handle minor or major house renovations to your satisfaction. Our workmanship will deliver quality work and ensure quality results in time.

Permissions and Safety

We are accredited and skilled construction professionals with years of experience. We are members of several construction professional bodies and experts in our own right. We understand regulations governing renovation constructions.

Renovations can be noisy and distracting. Well versed in the process that requires getting the necessary permissions and approvals, we will assist you to fill the necessary paper work required to commence the works. Our expert personnel will ensure the renovation works do not disrupt your daily schedule. We have a reputation to uphold and are committed to adhere to safety regulations and provide you with a safe work site environment.

Remodeling Works

Remodeling refers to changing the design or shape of something while renovation means repairing or restoring the works. Bathroom remodeling may include changing the patterns, and shape of the bathroom. The same would be the case with remodeling a bedroom or kitchen. The tiles, drapes, and colour of the paint can be changed.

We specialize in remodeling bathrooms, bedrooms or laundry room.Our experienced house remodeling experts will give you quality service and results.

Established Tradition

For over twenty years, we have performed renovations of repute, and remodeled various structures to produce master-pieces. We offer unimpeachable services in the renovation field and are always ready to satisfy your construction needs. You may view the gallery for photographs of the previous works we have accomplished.

Whether you plan to renovate an asset you have invested in or your residential property, make a date with us. Wherever you reside, whatever your concerns, worry no more. Give us a call and get all the information and advice you require concerning your renovation and remodeling needs. Our rates are competitive and worth every single dollar you spend. 


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Get in touch with our professional House Renovation Morningside deliver quality result and build new design home for our customer. For more details contact us at www.tjrconstruction.com.au


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