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Welcome to GoSolar NH. We are Southern Maine & New Hampshire’s premier provider of solar energy products, services & installations.

Net Metering helps to produce your own solar power. When the sun shines you can have solar power which is free, environmentally excepted, sound and renewable. A system of batteries is needed to store this power so that it can be used in the night and when the weather becomes cloudy. At times the amount of power stored in the batteries was not enough and a generator was needed for backup but now net metering has changed it for the better.

The Working of Net Metering

Some electrical companies started with a program which was quite profitable. People who had solar power systems installed in their homes could connect it to the utility of the company and feed all the excess energy into the distribution system of the utility. All the solar power that you supplied to the utility you would get credit at whatever is the rate of the electricity at the utility. Whenever there is no solar power the electrical company would supply energy to meet their electrical needs.

In this case you had only to pay for the difference supplied by you and the power used from the electrical utility when there was no solar power. The extra solar power that is produced by your solar panels can be stored in the electrical utility for a year. Net metering is done by installing a meter which is bilateral which notes the power supplied to the grid and the power that is used by the solar power owner. When, the solar panel owner produces more energy than he uses the meter spins backwards.

The Benefit to the Owner of Solar Power

With net metering having an electrical company receiving the excess power that is produced by the owner of the solar panels, helps the company producing solar power not to depend on batteries to store the extra energy. The additional expense of batteries is cut down since battery bank is not needed. But owner of solar power might need a small backup, for help when the grid power goes down.

This backup might be for security for the crew who attend to the repairs, and do not except any power in the lines. Additional expense of a backup generator is prevented when the electrical utility is there to provide backup when there is no solar power.

The Benefits of Net Metering

With net metering owners having solar power do not have to pay for backup batteries or generator which require a lot of maintenance, saving a lot of additional cost. Solar power does not require much maintenance. The components that are needed for solar power which is tied up with electrical grid for net metering is solar panels and an inverter that can convert DC current into AC. None of these components require much maintenance.

The solar power panels having 25 year warranty are made of a semiconductor material which is protected in the front by tempered glass. The inverters which come with it also have twenty-five year warranty.  

Having net metering tied to electrical grid helps solar power owners to have clean affordable energy without any hassles of maintenance.

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