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Beehives are usually found everywhere. That’s the reason why there is a good chance that you might be living in close vicinity to a beehive. You are totally safe when the beehive is a fair distance away from your residence.


Beehives are usually found everywhere. That’s the reason why there is a good chance that you might be living in close vicinity to a beehive. You are totally safe when the beehive is a fair distance away from your residence. But if one is present in close proximity, it is very important to get it removed as soon as possible. Live bee removal Los Angeles is critically important for the safety of your loved ones, since getting stung by a bee can be painful. A few details on this topic are discussed below for your convenience and understanding.

A. Save the contact details of a local keeper

While you are planning on a live bee removal Los Angeles project, the best course of action is to contact a local beekeeper to help you out in this regard. These people are much used to bees, as they keep them for honey extraction and other purposes. Therefore, it is easy for them to carry out the removal task in comparison to someone with no prior experience.

B. Pest control company can do the same job

If you are unable to find a local beekeeper to carry out the live bee removal Los Angeles task, you can also contact a pest control company to do it for you. Before hiring a company, it is recommended to call a few and ask them about the offered rates.

C. Constant and heavy smoke keeps bees away

When you have to deal with a live bee hive, the best weapon at your disposal is heavy smoke since bees don’t like smoke and it makes them retreat. Therefore, smoke may be used to easily get rid of any beehive.

D. Soap and water solution will also work

In addition to smoke, making use of a water and soap solution might also turn out to be an effective choice. But if you are still an amateur at beehive removals, it is recommended to stick with smoke since the water and soap solution can be a bit tricky. So never use this technique unless you are absolutely sure about the fact that you can do it.

E. Eliminate open water sources on your land

If you are willing to free your environment of bees, it is important for you to make sure that there are no open source of water in your surroundings, since it can attract the attention of bees. This is due to the fact that bees require a water source to sustain, so they find a place with water supply to be a suitable environment for creating a hive.


When you come across the need of removing a live bee hive, the best option is to ask a local beekeeper for help. If you are unable to find one, you can contact a pest control company as well. If you are willing to take care of the removal project on your own, you need to be very careful since you may get hurt.

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