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We offer the best Solo STRAT/ Tele Style Double Neck DIY guitar kit here at Solo Music Gear.

There are a few places where you can get a best  guitar or build one with the kits that are available. This is one place that you can find all guitar building kits and supplies. The owner of this place is one who teaches people to build guitars with his 40 years’ experience in the field. He conducts classes, gives free online instructions besides providing a subscriber service to help people interested to develop their skills and build a good guitar.

Advantages of Building from a Kit

To build a guitar from a kit you do not need many tools. Sometimes with the bare minimum tools you have, you can build guitars using a kit. Many of the kits come with all the parts ready like pre-shaped neck, the dovetail cut and the sides well bent. The sound hole cut with the purfling channels set and the top attached. The rest that was simple was left to the builder.

It was best to start with the kits to get an idea on the building of the guitar without many tools and to develop confidence to do it. There are different sites that help provide information on building a guitar and different types of kits available for building.

A DIY Guitar Kit

In this kit all the difficult parts have been finished and a person without previous experience can try to build a guitar. If you are not sure whether you can build it go on the site for guitar builders and watch the demonstration before you start. If need be the company that provided you with the kit has a lot of  resource material, instructions, books and even links that will connect you  with instructions for building a guitar.

All along the way you can contact the suppliers and they will advise you every step of the way. The neck and dovetail join is complete, the soundboard as well as the back have the pattern of the brace set out and you have to follow the contours which  were previously shaped. These luthier kits are the best available in the world.

How to Build a Guitar

Handcrafted guitars are sought after by musicians all the world over. There are books and kits that will help you build your own guitar. There are two books by Irving Sloane, one is best guitar construction and the second one is guitar making tradition and technology. These two books will provide all the information necessary to construct a Spanish guitar.

The basic parts like the bridge and tuning pegs can be bought pre-made. The other parts that you need to buy are mosaic inlay, purfling and fret wire besides wood of different types which is used directly in the guitar and indirectly in jigs and forms that are used in the guitar. The tools that are needed include block saw, chisels, a plane, jigsaw wire cutters, hand scrapper, power drill, clamps, and power cutter of  6 inch.

If you are interested in building a best guitar choose any of the above methods and build one for yourself.

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Looking for a Double Neck Guitar Kit? Then this is the right place to be! Check out https://www.solomusicgear.com


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