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An efficient HVAC system is a must-have to survive through extreme temperature conditions.

09, February 2017: An efficient HVAC system is a must-have to survive through extreme temperature conditions. If you own a system that is several years old, you need to decide whether or not it needs a replacement, and that’s not an easy decision to make. Can the system make it for another year? Can repairing fix any existing problem?

Well, this is something that experts can help you decide easily. When we approached some HVAC industry leaders like Watsco, National Air Warehouse, and Trane, they revealed some of the sure-fire signs that customers can look out for that indicate the system needs replacement.

Frequent Repairs

If your HVAC system is experiencing problems often and you frequently get to call in a technician to handle the repairs, you should certainly consider investing in a new system rather than spending uselessly on the old device. Frequent repairs can easily add to high costs very often, whereas replacing the old one with a new system is a one-time cost. If you consider in the long run, it’s better to replace your HVAC system that requires frequent repairs.

High Energy Bills

If you see a vast increase in your energy bills when compared to the normal bills for some unknown reason, it could be an issue with the HVAC system. This is a sure-fire sign that is seen as the system gets older. Significant increase in energy bills indicate that you can save more money by replacing the system with an energy-efficient new system.

Moisture at Unusual Places

The thumb rule is that if unwanted water or moisture is leaking from the device, it’s time to replace the HVAC system. This moisture leakage could be due to a broken drain tube or leading coolant. This is a problem that has to be tackled as early as possible as it can lead to growth of mold. In most cases with such issues, the system will need replacement.

More Than Ten Years Old

If your HVAC system is over ten or fifteen years old, it’s certainly time to consider replacement, especially if it encounters frequent problems. The modern systems of today are more efficient than systems that were introduced ten or fifteen years ago.

Look out for these common red flags and if you notice any of the signs get the system assessed by a professional to know if it’s time to upgrade it.

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