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Wisebaron is a leading-edge passive investment solutions, advice-only CRM2 in Toronto.

Financial advisors are professionals who advice people and help them manage their finance and investments. Brokers, investment advisors, insurance agents, accountants etc are also financial advisors. According to their qualifications and licenses, financial advisors can make finance management plans or to sell finance products like insurance, mutual funds etc. Advisors can be paid either flat fees or a commission on the returns. Financial advisors hold different roles in different countries, and would have regulating committees. In the United States, SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulates the insurance companies, insurance agents, investment managers, and investment advisors etc.  

Regulations In Canada:

After Completion of the Canadian Securities Course (CSC), allows the sale of securities like stocks, bonds, mutual funds. Exchange traded funds are the new investment options suggested and sold by financial advisors. Majority of financial advisors in Canada are also financial planners. Selling of mutual funds needs the financial advisors to complete the mutual funds course. If you are based in Canada, Toronto financial advisors are very good in their job, and can manage your money efficiently.

When To Go To Your Financial Advisors?

Consulting financial advisors for retirement planning, expenditure planning, savings, and investment planning etc. is vital. They help you manage money well, and help you save and increment it too.  When someone gets a new job, you should it to your advisors office and consult with him regarding taxes and future planning. During marriages and divorces, financial advisors come into the picture. They help protect assets, and also help you save them in asset divisions, ensure that you get the fair amount and don’t destroy your finances in the alimony nuances. If you get a big raise, win the lottery, inherit money etc , people tend to handle the large amount of money poorly, and end up losing it really soon. Hence it is important to consult the advisor to help you manage the large amount, and invest it well. If you are planning to take retirement soon, a lot of financial planning goes into it, whether it is the retirement income, retirement savings etc and it is a good time to consult with the advisor.

How To Choose A Good Financial Planner?

Choosing a good financial advisor is very important, for managing your finances. A financial advisor should help you make good financial decisions and keep losses at bare minimum. He will help you save, invest and grow your finances. Whether it is for real estate purchase planning, asset management, taxes etc, he should be able to manage it with exquisite detail.  Hence finding a good advisor is essential, here are some things to keep in mind while choosing one:

•    Look for Certified financial planner (CFP) and make sure they have the right certifications and qualifications for your goals of financial planning.

•    Check for credibility and reviews online. They are sure to list down any problems if faced with the advisor. Genuine reviews online can help garner a lot about the advisors credibility and talent.

•    Check with friends and family for experiences and reviews.

•    Avoid commission based advisors and planners.

•    Avoid over bragging people who exaggerate and take a lot of unnecessary risks, above your risk threshold.

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