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Light Industries do not require much capital and raw material, area as well as power. The value of the goods produced in not exorbitant and they can be easily transported.

Light Industries do not require much capital and raw material, area as well as power. The value of the goods produced in not exorbitant and they can be easily transported. Light industry involves manufacturing using partially processed materials to produce products of high value. There are many light manufacturing industries that are flourishing, one of them being the manufacture of electrical goods.

LED Light Manufacturing

LED are known as light emitting diode and are becoming more popular with each passing day. They are more expensive but last a long time. LED lights are known to be energy efficient as well as eco-friendly. They are available in different colours from 2500–6500K, they are dark yellow, mild yellow and white light. The manufacturing of LED lights requires a factory with a complex process of production where light fittings are made which consume less power.

The total cost of maintenance and consumption of electricity is 1/10th of the amount consumed by normal bulbs. LED lights for homes are designed to consume .6 watt of electricity which is equivalent to the electricity consumed by 25 watt incandescent bulb which helps to save about 90% of energy. If all lights are replaced by LED lights 50% of the energy will be saved. To minimize the consumption of electrical energy it is best to install LED lights with solar panels.

LED Products

LED products are energy efficient and environment –friendly. They last longer than the conventional lights that are used although they are more expensive than conventional lights. With each passing day more and more people are turning to LED lights because they are easy to establish and use half the energy.

There are companies that offer LED lighting solutions to hospitals, schools, homes, offices, hotels and other establishments. There is whole range of LED products like Tube lights, bulbs, surface lights, flood lights, panel lights, down lights and a lot more. These are quality products that blend well with the high price. The prices are affordable for the length of the service youget from LED lights.

Benefits of LED Lighting

All businesses are looking forenergy solutions that are efficient and consume less energy and as of today LED lighting appears to be the best option. Earlier LED lights were very high on cost but currently the cost has come down and the colours also have improved. LED lights have a very long life time and the lifetime expectancy of LED diodes is 11 years. A LED light which works for 8 hours a day is said to last for 20 years before it needs replacement.

LED lights are very efficient and consume less power than conventional lights. The long life span of the LED lights leads to less maintenance work and saves a lot of energy. These lights are free of toxic material and can be fully recycled.The LED lights have high durability. They can work under harsh conditions and are resistant to impacts from outside, vibrations as well as shock.

Though LED lights are expensive theyare environment friendly, efficient and use half the amount of energy used by conventional lights and last for many years.

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