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An overview of Eye Exam And Glasses Hamilton
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Computer diagnosis of eye is carried out using an automatic refraktokeratometra, which objectively and quickly determines the type and degree of refractive eye disorders.

Eye is a very important organ of man`s body. Regular eye exams allow to diagnosis of disorders of the visual function on early stage and choose individual means of optical correction of vision — glasses or contact lenses — tailored to your individual circumstances.

Eye’s Problems Determination

Diagnosis is testing of visual acuity, computer diagnostics and selection of optimal correction. Testing of visual acuity is made subjectively, for each eye, according to requirements using the projector signs of different sizes.

Computer diagnosis of eye is carried out using an automatic refraktokeratometra, which objectively and quickly determines the type and degree of refractive eye disorders.


According to computer diagnostics, using such a test set of lenses to choose the right comfortable portable correction and issuing a prescription for glasses. In addition to the value of diopters, it gives the center distance — the distance between the centers of the pupils of both eyes, which is very important to set the lens to the frame and further visual comfort with glasses. Distance between them is measured by a special ruler, separately for each eye.

During the selection of glasses, a variety of special tests is used, using a projector signs and test a set of lenses. They help to avoid excessive correction to balance the load on the eye, the right to determine the amount of “additive” to the vicinity of the selection points for work.

Glasses Or Lenses

The specialist will conduct an objective and a subjective examination of the visual organ. Based on the data obtained from the survey, the doctor will
• carry out the selection of glasses and contact lenses;
• train to put on and take off contact lenses, take care for them;
• talk about the rules of use of glasses and contact lenses, and warns about possible complications for non-compliance of these rules;
• inform about innovations in the contact and spectacle correction;
• be sure to invite you to the readmission;

While choosing the contact lenses, in addition to the diagnosis and determination of correction, doctor ophthalmologist`s service also includes an inspection of slit lamp (biomicroscope), where the large increase in estimated state of the anterior segment of the eye. It is necessary to determine the state of the cornea and conjunctiva, detection contraindications for lens wear, possible allergic or inflammatory complications, evaluation landing lens on the eye, as well as to identify cataracts, dry eye syndrome, etc.

Additional specialist`s consultation will determine whether you adapt well to the new points or how comfortable you feel in contact lenses.


If you have vision problems, and you have never worn glasses or contact lenses, do not be afraid! There are clinics where you can get a consultation of an experienced specialist. Your doctor will help you to dispel stereotypes about wearing glasses or contact lenses, and, based on your lifestyle, give advice on the choice of the correction process. Such clinics will help you to see the world a better place!

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