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Health or medical practice is called "alternative" if it is based on untested, untraditional, or unscientific methods, or knowledge of the treatment. "Alternative" medicine is often based on metaphysical beliefs and is frequently anti-scientific. Due to the fact that a truly "alternative" medical practices would have been known that they are equally (or almost the same) are effective, most of the so-called "alternative" practices are not really "alternative", and fraudulent. If the "alternative" health practices are offered along with scientific medicine, it is called as complementary and alternative medicine, or integrative medicine, since it integrates a medicine to quackery.

Why Is Alternative Medicine Popular?

There are some points which cams explain the rules of alternative medicine. Medications and surgery are not part of the "alternative" treatment. Fear of surgery and side effects of drugs alienate people from scientific medicine. "Alternative" treatment is attractive because it does not offer these frightening types of therapy. Moreover, scientific medicine often harms patients. "Alternative" treatments are usually inherently less risky and less likely direct harm.

Scientific medicine often cannot find the cause of the disease or relieve pain. This is also true with respect to "alternative" medical practices. But doctors who practice scientific medicine, are less likely to show hope, when their medicine fails. Adhere to the "alternative" practitioners often encourage their patients to feel hope, even when the situation is hopeless.

Alternative Medicine VS Scientific

When scientific medicine does not detect the cause of the disease, it cannot offer treatment that is guaranteed effective. And again, "alternative" medical practices offer hope when scientific medicine cannot offer a safe and reliable treatment.

"Alternative" health practice is often used "natural" means. Many people believe that if something is natural, is better and safer than artificial.

"Alternative" health practices are less expensive than scientific medicine.

This fact has made "alternative" methods of treatment attractive to insurance companies and companies managing health services, which come to the conclusion that the proposed "alternative" therapies which are cheaper and therefore more profitable.

Many physicians who adhere to scientific medicine, pay attention to the disease in the first place, and secondly to people. Practitioners of "alternative" medicine often have a "comprehensive" approach and say they are working with the mind, body and soul of the patient.


The main reason people choose alternative or natural medicine is the fact that it is working. This reflects in the fact that they feel better after treatment, healthier, more alive, etc.

"Alternative" treatment is often based on the belief in metaphysical entities such as chi, and lead to a hypothesis on the move in order to justify the errors or inefficiency. In contrast to scientific medicine there are disagreements and contradictions, errors and disputes, experiments and other experiments, etc. Decisions are taken by people who are prone to error, error-prone are engaged in the practice of scientific medicine. At the same time, scientific medicine works and based on science, not on faith.


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