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Buy various high quality double neck guitar kits.

Building your own guitar is not an easy task. First you have to get a body blank and then try to cut the inside curves with a bandsaw. If it is necessary you can make relief cuts. Do the cutting slowly through the scrap wood. Shaping the guitar is quite difficult and will take a long time and can be quite challenging.

Ways to Build your Own Guitar

The first step in the building of a guitar consists in getting a body blank. The body blank can be chosen from any type of wood depending on the price you are willing to pay. The next step is to mark the shape on the body blank and then try to cut it with a bandsaw. You can use ¼”blade on the bandsaw to cut the body of the guitar. Any excess pieces of wood from the body blank should be cut.

A lot of relief cuts are necessary on the bends to get the proper shape for the guitar. The wise thing to  do is to cut in slow steps. Then take glue and join the sides and then start fixing the neck truss and other parts. The Final stage is polishing, to gives it a good shine.

The Pros of Building your own guitar

If you are a guitar player and thinking about building your own guitar, just spare a few seconds to think how you are going to do it.Building an electric guitar with a solid body is much simpler than building one witha hollow body. Hollowbody requires quality body work and tools that many will not be able to handle. Instead of facing a lot of challenges to build a guitar with an archtop, it is advisable to get an acoustic kit and build it.

When you build your very own guitar, you get a chance to know every element from the tail piece to the tuners, from the wood to the body shape and wires. It is a unique instrument that you have built and a great experience to build something. If you build one then you will feel like building more.

The Disadvantage of Building your own Guitar

When you decide to build your own guitar there are a lot of problems. The learning curve is a difficult part and it will take a very long time. There will be a lot of errors which should be overlooked. If your idea in building your own guitar is to save on the expense then you can forget about it. Hardware, wood, electronics can all add up to a lot of expense. You will also require tools to build a guitar where you will need to invest.

It will be much better to buy a guitar from the production model then making one. It is not the work of an hour or two but the work of days to get one ready and painted. Before you start with the project you will have to research.

If you are deciding to build a acoustic guitar check on the challenges you will have to face and then, if you are up to it go ahead and start.

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