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In today’s technical world, networking is the key part which connects the world. Epygi provides affordable yet reliable support to all medium sized business with their certified Integrators.

In today’s technical world, networking is the key part which connects the world. Epygi provides affordable yet reliable support to all medium sized business with their certified Integrators. They help your organization to find low cost result for your networking requirements and also make sure that you are able to take maximum advantage with all the available features on your system. Their Integrator and distributors work together to fulfill your particular needs its their first priorities. They ensure the best support and customer satisfaction by providing direct support and sales to the distributors.

Support Responsibilities

Epygi offers its all software and documentation available to their all the customers. Technical queries also can be answered with their Knowledge Database and Epygi Forum. In case the initial Integrator stop responding, and end user can get direct support from the installed Integrator or another official Integrator so that the end user never runs out of technical support.

There are many methods that provide technical supports to Distributors, Integrators and an end user.

With a valid QX serial number, all Integrators, Distributors and End users are accessible to Channel Portal of Epygi’s system, which provides:

  • Knowledge base online forum
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Release notes by downloading firmware for all the products.
  • It provides technical installation guide
  • Administrator’s guide
  • Guide for end users
  • Technical training material
  • Training materials of sales

Epygi Support Plans

Epygi supports has various plans according to your needs and services offered by them.

Single Incident Integrator Support:

  • In this support, user can submit it query through their online channel portal
  • Epygi support system will respond to your request in 3 working hours.
  • No any phone support will be provided
  • Available in 2 languages, English or Spanish
  • It will cost $75 per incident

Yearly Integrator Support - Limited:

  • Multiple five or twenty supports will be provided
  • Response time will be 24 hours
  • No phone support will be provided
  • It will cost $500 per year for twenty incidents in English language only
  • It will cost $200 per year for five incidents in English and Spanish languages

Yearly Integrator Support - Unlimited:

  • Unlimited incidents queries can be submitted through the online channel portal by the end users
  • Phone supports will be provided during working hours
  • No phone support after office hours
  • Response time will be 3 working hours
  • It will cost $1,000 per year.

Product Limited Warranty:

Usually, Epygi supports offers up to five year warranty on their all IP PBX and Gateways. However, they have some limited warranty on Quadro and QX.  If the product is purchased from EU (European Union), users will get 2 years of warranty, but they have to show date of purchase and they offer 1 year of warranty under normal use. And the warranty shall not be applied if it defects caused by lightning, flood, fire other acts of nature. The Warranty shall also not be applied if the serial numbers of original manufacturer’s deleted or altered by anyone.

About the Author:

Mia Distribution is your one stop trusted distributor for all Epygi Gateways for Australia.


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