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DrugsClaim provides current information regarding IVC Filter medical and litigation attorneys, including lawsuits, complications and claims.


Inferior Van a Cava (IVC) filters are small devices designed to catch blood clots before they reach lungs. They are an alternative for patients suffering from pulmonary embolism when anticoagulants seem ineffective. The struts or legs of IVC filter extend out inside the IVC. The Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) has been raising concerns since August 2010 about the complications associated with IVC filters.

IVC Filter Complications

Complications pertaining to IVC filters reported to FDA include:

• Device parts getting fractured or migrated to heart or lungs
• Perforation of IVC, hearts and lungs
• Infection
• Hematoma or nerve damage
• Cardiac or Pericardial Tapenade
• Ventricle Tachycardia
• Internal bleeding
• Lower Limb Deep Vein Thrombosis

Has Any IVC Filter Class Action Lawsuit Been Filed?

There are currently 3 IVC filter lawsuits filed against Bard Medical in California, Florida and Pennsylvania. Lawyers are expecting to cover over 100 plaintiffs and 5million dollars in compensation.

About Class Action Lawsuits

In a class action lawsuit, a case is filed on behalf of a group of people or class of individuals who have been impacted. The law firm represents a class and not any individual; however, the case is decided based on single representative. This consolidation of lawsuits increases the efficiency of trials and lowers the legal cost.

How Much May I Receive to Settle an IVC Filter Injury Case?

Till date, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against IVC filter makers for creating a faulty device and complications associated with it. In state courts, a few hundred litigations have been settled but device makers are not willing to settle large number of cases. Due to the growing number of complaints, centralized pre-trial procedure has been devised for the courts. Following are some of the common factors which a jury may like to consider while awarding the amount of damages to the litigant:

• The duration and severity of IVC injury filter
• Impact of IVC filter injury on mental and physical health of the complainant
• In case of death due to faulty IVC filter, the number of dependents of the deceased
• Past and future medical expenses on IVC filter complications
• Loss of the ability to earn money due to IVC filter side effect
• If there was a loss of spouse/companion due to IVC injury

Do I Have an IVC Filter Lawsuit?

Two manufacturers, namely Bard and Cook have 80% market share in IVC filter. Now that centralized pre-trials processes are established for their brands Eclipse IVC filters& Collect IVC filter respectively. A small group of lawsuits is likely to conduct bellwether trials as the evidence and testimony is expected to be repeated throughout the litigation. These bellwether trials will influence any large scale settlements for IVC filter claims to avoid hundreds of individual trials.

There are many law firms that provide free consultations and help you determine whether or not you are eligible for compensation or settlement for a complication caused by IVC filter. The lawyers from these law firms review and evaluate the facts and circumstances under which IVC filter caused the injury. These lawsuits are handled under contingency agreement wherein there is no upfront fee and only a percentage of successful settlement or recovery is charged to the litigant.

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