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Are you injured by the side effects of Trans Vaginal Mesh surgery? we help our user how to get reimbursement against vaginal mesh lawsuit, bladder sling lawsuit & Transvaginal Mesh claim.


From 1970 to 1996, surgeons used to implant mesh abdominally to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or stress urinary incontinence (SUI). However, in 1996 the approval for implanting mesh vaginally was received even though it was never backed by clinical trials.

TVM Complication

The FDA issued a safety alert in July 2011 citing serious complications and side effects associated with TVM implant. In September 2011, FDA recommended TVM to be reclassified from Class II to Class III for carrying highest risk in medical device.Surgery-related complications, like blood transfusion and hematomas depletion have also been reported.

TVM Side Effects

The most common side effects of TVM implant were:

• Mesh Erosion
• Organ perforations
• Severe back pain
• Bladder, Bowel and Blood Vessel punctures
• Scarring of vaginal walls
• Pain during intercourse
• Chronic infection
• Incontinence worsening

Probability ofCompensation

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of TVM for defective designs and causing serious complications among patients. Most lawsuits in federal courts have been consolidated and are being handled in a similar manner for pretrial proceedings. However, each case remains individual and damages are being determined based on individual circumstances and how serious the impact of mesh failure on the individualis. In each trial, the jury would consider the nature of the injury, severity of damage and its financial impact on the individual. Some of these factors are:

• The duration and severity of the injury caused
• Impact on mental and physical health of the plaintiff
• Likely pain and anguish to be suffered in future
• Past and future expenses on treatment of injuries caused due to mesh complication
• Loss of earning capacity of the sufferers

J&J to Pay $120M on its 1st Big Mesh Settlement

Among all lawsuits against mesh manufacturers, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) faces a wave of 42,000+ cases against them. They have been alleged by petitioners for being extremely slow on closing the settlements. In October 2015, they announced to pay more than $120 million to resolve 2000-3000 lawsuits. However, they have not revealed the terms and have refused to discuss their future litigation strategy. Boston Scientific that has 30,000+ lawsuits against it has agreed to pay $119 million to settle 3000 cases. Bard has agreed to pay $200 million to settle more than 3000 cases which amounts to $67,000 per case. American Medical Systems (AMS) which was acquired by Endo in 2011 faced 47,000+ cases. They are the only one to offer large scale settlements agreeing to pay $1.5billion to settle most of the cases.

Know if you are a qualifier

Many law firms are offering free consultations, claim evaluations and financial compensation eligibility for women with complications due to mesh failure. These claims are taken on a contingency fee basis; i.e., theclaimant only needs to pay a percentage of settlementamount as attorney fee without any upfront fee. Now that the side effects and settlements have been made public, you need to quickly file a lawsuit before any standardized ruling is out for all.

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Drugs Claim is here to help you get the compensation who are suffering with transvaginal mesh side effects can file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit and bladder sling lawsuit against manufacturers.


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