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My Pursuit To Happiness, is the first full length project from Oakland California rapper, Amari.

03, February 2017: My Pursuit To Happiness, is the first full length project from Oakland California rapper, Amari. The kid shines both lyrically as well as sonicaly with beautiful production echoing though out the project. The entire listen was handled in bulk by bay area producer MIKE Beats. With Amari rhyming over such lush and spacey production, it really seems as if his dreams are about to come full circle. While Amari shows off his lyrical ability and story telling on songs such as "Big Dreams" and 'Holy Water", he also has tracks like "Take It" and "5ten" that are sure to get a crowd moving. However with the story telling, and sheer bangers on this project, Amari shines his brightest on songs such as, "Lost" and "PSA" where he dives deeper into questioning his ability to pursue his dreams, as well as touch on some of the problems we as a society face today.


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For More Information Visit: https://soundcloud.com/amc_510/sets/my-pursuit-to-happiness


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