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Our DIY guitar kit has everything you need for building your own custom JEM style electric guitar with basswood body.

If you are a music fan and know to play and assemble a guitar then there are a lot of opportunities for you. Today you can get acoustic guitar kits and assemble your own guitar. The rates of every part are given to you so you know the cost of each part. Sometimes you can buy parts from a warehouse and use to bring down the cost.

Acoustic Guitar Kits that you can assemble

When you buy an acoustic guitar set the prices of all the items are mentioned against the list. Then the owner will let you remove the items off the list and replace them with similar items in the warehouse all the time informing you the rate which is much less than the one in the kit. You can also add other items from the warehouse to the kit.

If you are a person who is customizing a guitar for the first time than you will do it with confidence using the items in the kit and thinking they are appropriate pieces to complete the guitar. But if you are a seasoned Luther then the acoustic kit will be used to get a neck for the guitar, tone woods for another guitar and tuners for the third. International customers can modify kits and get them shipped.

Mahogany Builder Kit and Salted Maple Veneer to Customize a Guitar

If you are a guitarist and understand about customizing a guitar then there are a large number of acoustic kits available that you can customize. The mahogany kit costs just $145 and can be customized to your taste. This is an enjoyable way of learning about guitar building and customizing. All the parts are built and provided in the kit all you have to do is add your personal touch and assemble it.

The parts that were included in the kit were neck with the truss rod, frets, fingerboard inlays and the slotted nut already installed. This was all there was in the kit. The finishing material that was required like paint stains and sandpaper was not included but there was the option of returning the kit within 14 days and getting money back.

Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit to help you Customize a Quality Guitar

The kit will help you build a Dreadnought size guitar. The parts available in the kit are carved mahogany neck, Slotted fingerboard which is prepared for frets. Sides accurately bent, spruce top AAA with rosette channel and sound hole, back which is book matched, joined and cut to desired shape. The kit is accompanied with a blueprint which is modeled after vintage Martin which was a priced piece. It is shown how every part fits.

The guitar sides are held in the picture-perfect contour that you build with a strong cardboard body shape. The book of instructions that accompanies the kit is a miniature course in the making of a guitar. Included in it was a step by step DVD for building the guitar from start to finish.

If you are interested in customizing a guitar choose the Dreadnought acoustic guitar kit and start.


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