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Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction was honored to be represented in “Top Doctors” Phoenix Magazine as Top LASIK Eye Surgeons for 10 years.


The bladeless Lasik surgery procedure is the best form of surgery that guarantees top accuracy and quick recovery. You will get the best Lasik services when you seek for eye correction services form the best Lasik medical center. Here you are assured of the best eye care. This is because here you are assured of perfect surgical skills form the doctors carrying out the surgery. At the best Arizona Lasik center, you are assured of the most advanced upgraded Fifth Generation Intro Lase technology that is more precise and accurate. Other Lasik centers use the fourth generation technology that cannot be compared to the fifth gyrationIntraLase technology.

This form of surgery is the best since it is accurate and it is much better than the traditional way of executing the surgery that involved use of the microkera to me fitted with an oscillating blade. It was difficult to reach accurate depth and also flap thickness and it was difficult also to execute concentration on a curved cornea of varying dimension. Precision with this traditional method highly depends on the tool being used as and it could be inaccurate irrespective of the degree of surgical skill. The current bladeless surgical procedure is the best since it assures you quick recovery and better sight. Here are the advantages of the special benefits of the interlace laser method.

Safety during the surgical procedure

The bladeless interlace surgical procedure is a safer method for creating a flap during the Lasik surgery and it is essential in bettering the Lasik surgical procedure. This method creates a better position for the doctor to conduct the step of the operation. You see every cornea is different and corneal flap is different too. This method enables the doctor to perform the surgery better despite this and hence makes it much better and safer as compared to other methods.

Better and faster healing

Because of the unique flap design used in this procedure, the flap heals faster and gets stringer this in result causes better and faster recovery. This way, the patient heals and gets back to their occupations faster and with better vision this time. When you heal faster, you are better placed to perform all your duties much better and without any problems. After you have had surgery, there is another crucial part and that is healing. You need to heal faster and safely without any complications. This enables you to get back to what you were doing better and much more rejuvenated due to the fact that you have better sight and hence you can perform, better.

Lesser dry eye symptoms

As opposed to other methods that result to much dry eye symptoms, the interlace laser method involves a unique flap design that helps lessens these symptoms. The normal cornel sensation returns faster and hence better natural blink reflex. Dry eye sensations are unconformable and hence the Lasik surgery procedure is best to give you top quality surgical services that will do you best during recovery. As things better, you should also embrace them. If it’s your health, then you had better forget about other odds and have it done by the best and with the latest technology irrespective of the Lasik surgery cost.


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A step-by-step guide to the LASIK eye surgery procedure at Moretsky Cassidy LASIK Vision Correction Arizona. We use the latest technologies, including iLASIK which is approved for NASA Astronauts, Naval Aviators & Air Force Pilot.


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