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Express Boat Transport offers international transport and shipping services through our network of international partners.

A boat is a type of vehicle that is used to move people and goods over water. The fact that it is not a means of transportation suitable for land makes it difficult to move it from one place to the other over land. With several boat transportation services however, it is now something that boat makers and those who buy and use boats have to worry less about. There might be the need to transport boats from the place of manufacture to the water body where it will be used. There are also instances where boats are ordered from other countries, and hence, the need to carry out international transportation of the boat. When the boats are also faulty, they will need to be transported to a reputable boat repair facility to be fixed and subsequently transported back to where it is being used. These have make boat transportation very important. If you are wondering what it would cost you to transport a boat, then here are some factors that boat transportation companies consider when fixing boat transport cost.


The distance for which the boat has to be transported is always a major issue in determining the cost. Of course, you will not expect to pay the same price for transporting a boat over 10 km when you want to transport the boat over 100 km. Furthermore, prices vary when you want to transport the boat within a country and when you are transporting it to other country. This is because it takes more time, fuel and other logistics to transport a boat over 100 km than it will take to transport it over 10km. Also, import policies and tariffs of country you are transporting the boat to could influence how much you will have to pay for boat transportation.


The number of boats you desire to transport is also a major issue in boat transportation. The higher the number of boats you are transporting, the higher the boat shipping cost. When you are transporting more boats however, there is a very high probability that what you are expending on each boat will decrease significantly. For instance, it might cost $500 to transport a boat while for 2 boats you are requested to pay $900 and for 3 boats, you are requested to pay $1,200. From this, you will see that the average for transport 1, 2 and 3 boats is 500, 450 and 400 respectively for each boat.


It is very expensive to get the best equipment for transporting and shipping boats from one place to another. Based on this, most companies that have up to date and the best equipment might charge you a bit more than other companies who are still using old, outdated or poor equipment. It is important to take notice of the equipment type that will be used to ship your boat before agreeing with the terms. This is to avoid a situation where your boat could be damaged during transportation, due to poor equipment.


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