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Educational assessment can be defined as the art of documenting, normally in terms that are measurable, beliefs, attitudes, skills and knowledge. It is a paramount tool used to obtain information from test and other sources on the achievement and abi

Educational assessment can be defined as the art of documenting, normally in terms that are measurable, beliefs, attitudes, skills and knowledge. It is a paramount tool used to obtain information from test and other sources on the achievement and abilities of individual students. Usually, assessment focuses on entire education system, the learning community and individual learner.

In schools, the teacher is faced with the responsibility of accessing the students’ academic performance. There are different methods through which the teacher can carry out this test of knowledge. One of the most commonly used methods is through the use of quiz in the form of an informal written test or exam.

Quiz maker

Researches have been conducted from time immemorial on the importance of quiz in assessing students’ knowledge and academic performance and also help the teacher to determine the learning progress of the students. Most of these researches however, also focused on the type and method of assessing the students’ knowledge.

The essence is to ensure that the main objectives of teaching and learning have been achieved. Most times, students tend to fail because of the ways in which the quiz maker which is usually the teacher administered the questions. This is simply because these students do not really understand the concept of the quiz maker. When it comes to quiz, most teachers have dilemma as in the best ways of setting the quiz questions in accordance with the level of the students’ intellectual quotients.

What the quiz maker should know

When it comes to evaluating the amount of learning taking place in the class, quiz is paramount. A well designed quiz by the quiz maker will help to motivate the students while answering the set questions. While designing quiz, the quiz maker should:

    A. Match the quiz questions in accordance with what have been taught
    B. Set the quiz questions in simple and correct manner for the students to understand
    C. Always provide timely and constructive feedback
    D. Design questions in such a way as to evaluate the different domains of learning
    E. Take into cognizance the psychological development of the students.

The results of well designed quiz go a long way to provide insights on how efficiently the students have learnt and also to help the class room teacher with information on his or her teaching method.

The importance of quiz

A well designed quiz can encourage active learning especially when the assessment is innovative and engaging. It also fosters a number of skills such as reflection, critical thinking and self-awareness. Again, it gives students insights into the assessment process. Discussing the ways they have been assessed through quiz can help to ensure that the ultimate aims and goals of learning have been achieved.

Again, it is pertinent to know that it will also help both students and teachers to incorporate and benefit from successful formative assessment practices. A well designed quiz will assess the students effectively and will help to achieve the above aims.


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